Never ending cyphers since 2002


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Thu Jan 11, 2007 7:19 pm

Yo, hater, u wanna hate, go ahead...

u can hate, till am dead...

ither which way, am outstanding or standing out ...

still rockin' still popping' ma chain'z hanging out...

No success, no envy.

you haters nuss ur anger on me.

Am dope so you niggas wanna smoke me.

But not possible, Come lash or stroke me.

I gat ur brainz crackin' like nutz

ma words hotting ur ballz.

ur nibz alwayz on paper..

ur eyez rolling over, :roll: ..

i give u dandruff 4 trying to prepare a hotter verse than mine.

wasting ur time...trying to rhyme....dropping more wack lines.

what i drop is for the fucking hard mindz...

i gat dead line than mandatories...

u coming wit different verses it is still d same stories...

nigga just say it...

that u Hate shit..

i put a rise in ur blood pressure than itz normal...

left ur heart pounding, your liver beating line a drummer
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Fri Jan 12, 2007 7:32 am

I've been told all i do is rhyme and flow,

I come hard like an avalanche, i aint got time to snow,

Heatin pad on my chest cuz them diamonds fold,

My flow sick as the flu, u nothin but a common cold,

U think u hard enough to battle, i'll take these niggaz on a violent stroll,

Make u loose track of time, that means its time to go,

Man i'm tha truth i got an honest flow, i ain't lyin to u,

I must be blind cuz i couldn't set myself behind u losers,

I dont choke, i dont even hide the manuver,

I'm a violent abuser,

Cuz i got tha golden eye 4 tha shooters,

u wont feel it if u get hit behind ya mendulla,

I done got ya, feelin that hot sh*t,

When u cant see me thats the easiest process,

You must be creve crazy if u beefin wit a heavy hitter, and i'm reppin in it,

And ya'll cats aint got sh*t on my epidimics,

Go ahead and take a breath to get it,

You cant feel yo face, like ya whole head is missin,

Give me the cheeze so i can get that BLT,

F*ck wit my money, and u can lose ya left eye like TLC.
Joined:Wed Dec 08, 2004 3:47 pm

Sun Jan 21, 2007 4:58 pm

dayuumm kuriapat...?u remember me...what u all religious now..whoaa...!u still flip barz..it been a minuite still..i swear like a million yrz..hol tyte yea..n get at me kuz...eezy
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Wed Jan 31, 2007 4:29 pm

What's good Ob_1ne? Yeah it's been a minute but i been maintaining. Head high literally tapping into the heavens you know? You got some new joints on soundclick? or what you up to? hit me up. let's vibe! ONE
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Tue Feb 06, 2007 3:45 pm

Am a rap icon but you better don't click.....

mental advisory cuz am fucking explicit....

i throw cyphers that will make u support your jaw for ha lf a MiNuTe

Deem yo eyes, shake your head, confess you feel it....

am 2 fit....to take you 6 feet underground....

am the mystery behind def-jam scary sound....

you gat the fucking regalia and am the rapper being crowned...

I shatter dreams like Jordan, assault and batter your team

Your squadron'll be barred from rap like Adam & Eve from the garden

I'm carvin' my initials on your forehead

So every night before bed you see the "BP" shine off the board head

Reverse that, I curse at the first wack nigga with the worst rap

Cuz he ain't worth jack

hit 'em with a thousand pounds of pressure per slap

Make his whole body jerk back, watch the earth crack

hand him his purse back

I'm the first black rapper to baffle your skull

Master the flow, niggaz be swearin' I'm blacker than coal

Like Nat King, I be rapping and tounge's packing

The ones, magnums, cannons and gatling guns

It's SLIM The one and only son of Tony...Montana

You ain't promised manana in the rotten manzana

C'mon-pana we need more rhymers

feel the marijuana snake bite anaconda

A man of honour wouldn't wanna try to match my persona

Sometimes rhymin' I blow my own mind like Nirvana

Comma, and go the whole nine like Madonna

Go try to find another rhymer
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Thu Feb 22, 2007 7:07 am

these little dudes always got sth to say,

trying to stop the kids muscle,

wanna see the kid stumble,

but the Words been planted way before the whole hustle,


The Glory is here! much more on the way!!!

see clear.......... :wink:
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Sat Mar 03, 2007 8:17 am

hello africanhiphop, hello atl, america, and Africa!!!

just sth i need to say....

it's time!

it's to arise and shine,

it's time to put mankind back on earth,

it's time to learn and realize what humanity is all about,

it's time to let our purpose for life shine,

it's time to awaken and be rescuers of souls,

it's time to put LOVE on our minds,

it's time make LOVE our grind,

a will is all that's needed

idealism detached from action is just a waste of potential! it's just a dream..

but idealism allied with action, is much more than a dream.

it's like a stream that flows all so innocently against rough surfaces eventually making them soft...smoothening them.... breaking barriers.... creating it's path...creating it's own definition...

idealism allied with rolling up of sleeves is a powerful wave enough to cause change. it is strong.

Idealism with action is a powerful force.

i believe the action of 1 person can change a lot. even more forebearing are the actions of many united with 1 cause. we can define history. we can do sth. sth so innocent that can change our world. that can change our surroundings. change our negatives into positives. that can drag away our vices and infiltrate our souls and lives with virtue.

your choice can change the future. what will history say about you?

and as the wise father advices his son, " how will they remember you?"

what if great ideas were not cherished,

what if they carried no importance,

or held no value?

then there is hell.

cherish ideas and put an action to them. create a wave of enivitable change. the waters have been stirred, the momentum is building up. seek it in your heart to find the true purpose of life and change the course of history. history is waiting to write up the facts. history is watching. will we let it record that we did nothing to change our world? dare to do sth. great. dare to save and change the world. one idea at a time.

may idealism be decoupled from the old constraints.
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Mon Mar 05, 2007 3:44 pm

mr k.p u just spittind the same/ u r a handicapped rapper cuz ur lyrics are lame.
Joined:Fri Jan 05, 2007 1:08 am

Tue Mar 06, 2007 1:11 am

Fuk that, u must not b REALLY readin what that nigga kuriapat sayin man

Ay yo K that was some tough shit man
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