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thought to paste our verses of the song...

Da Naymliss ft Grandsun (Places I've been)

Da Naymliss's Verse :

From the smallest

toes and breasts of a tick,/

to the highest priests that never get sick/

i was known..strong and victorious/

places ive been is what the story is/

staring at the pages,slowly turning into elevators/

passing through different stages/

with doors leading to levels of different places/

i had to escape from the mental cages../

into a place of four dimensional matrix/

had to be free like kids in a place without parental faces/

there's a man standing by the door holdin daisies/

"wanna pass through?the key is ur pen and ur pad", says he/

his face looks temporary like rental faces/

i smiled and asked, what his name is?/

he smiled back and said,"differential equations"/

"i know you so well,you are the Nameless/

the next to you was never wrong when he said that u've got an extra view"/

i said who?I came here alone he said,"no u damn wrong,its u and Grandsun"/

"u cant see him?Hes the light over there illuminating"/

"dont u know,the mind is like a pavement"/

"..that is thesame way he sees you"

"now he's staring at the inspiration that u see thesame time"/

"that's one of the reasons people come with thesame rhymes"/

saw a river sitting in the air on an island/

been to a place that i saw frown smiling/

silver birds singing a brown siren../

..playing board games with Pounds and Naira/

i seen kings and palaces,all the highnesses/

seen the face of alcohol and cannabis,/

love and hate,feelings and paralysis/

me and these words are family/

breathing is what the words are/

wasting a piece of writing is commiting murder/

i'm seeing the world from a bird's eye view/

when i write on the paper,the words like you/

i seen hiphop,she a girl like u/

i asked her hand in marriage,she said i do/

i seen tbuzz,chilli and lefteye too/

i seen ignorance the problem of the masses/

she a blind bitch,eyes behind glasses/

man i see writer's block,its something like cars jammed up in a traffic/

cant avoid it like burnt kids do match sticks/

but somehow i find my way pass it/

if u dont get it,u missed 'SUN's classes/

and if u lose it then you never had it/

next,AFRICAN HIPHOP's where i'm landing/

Grandsun's Verse :

I've been in a womb, Mama birth me soon/

Three by three, now the earth is my room/

It is safe to assume that I've been to the moon/

On an alphabetical staircase but wait/ Inter-galatically ride a comet/

Tell her sweet nothings before she plummets/

Into the buckets of imaginations I hide behind my sockets/ Been to space and back As a matter of fact/

I've been through the thighs of a virgin/

The pain emerging/ I'm purging and urging myself/

Don't do this, don't let clueless rule us, don't be foolish/

I've been to many wars Many battles that I fought/

From my fallings to risings, the lessons I was taught/

Been through the pocket of a benovalent friend/ Had the pleasure to have Anomaly as one of them/

I was there from the golden days of Hip Hop/

To the bling blinging and the lollipop/

I've been to a place where pirates hate water/

To go against them, men we'd rather swallow gutter/

I've been to a place called school, answer me/

Do you get admitted to get your brain hospitalised?/

I've been to a place called sculpture garden../

where the Faculty resides,Knowledge imparting/

I've been to christenings, I've been to burials/ Expulsions of breath,Spirits move in stealth/

I've been to a place where the named was nameless/ Hooked up with G.S. now the famed is fameless/

Stained ones stainless, Who can blame us/

Evolution, I heard supported these changes/

We live in dark days where our friends are strangers/

I spoke to insanity,then spoke to vanity/

And talked with reality about chaos and anarchy/

And how they conive with jealousy and envy/

Who I found out was related to stupidity/ She expressed her hatred to wisdom explicitly/

I've been to a place where betrayal was The cheapest whore by far/

And men would come see her by bus, by train, by foot, aeroplane or car/

I've been travelling, and marvelling, unravelling/

The mysteries that my walk has been gathering/

PLEASE, take my hand and see the things that I've seen/ And the places I've been/

African Hip Hop, here's the marking scheme!
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