Kizito v Nur v Mimic v Qham v L.Skills (READY 4 VOTES!!)

Never ending cyphers since 2002


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Tue Feb 09, 2010 2:39 pm

10 bars a verse... (20 lines)

2 rounds

2nd time is after everyone has gone (opener plus 2 bars an emcee he he he!)

no ganging up... diss everyone in ur alocated bars!

votes are based on:











to break a tie.. if necessary overall enjoyment..

you are free to post.. i will do so when i've scripted mine.. deadline for 1st round is sunday 14th.
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Tue Feb 09, 2010 9:30 pm

Aight then, I'll go first...

This is not for the nervous dispositioned this contains sick sights

Powerful verbals not for one, I need at least six mics

These dudes the type to wear spaghetti tops which read "THIS B*TCH BITES"

But this ain't Street Fighter 2, this is real fist fights

Nur you ain't got six lives, and there's no hidden health pack

You should do what your name says when it's spelt back (Run)

I go over your head like the hat in your avatar

Lemme spell this out for you, I'm pro you amateur

I leave you fucked up Kizito, and I ain't talking about my libido

You get squashed like a mosquito, it's over finito

You just an illegal Hiphop immigrant with no lyrical visas

Claiming lyrical genius yet you another one of them pop divas

Qham you a lyrical paraplegic, you could never kick it

This rap sh*t just leave it, you should never even visit

You can't spit but you suck so I'm guessing you swallow

I'm deep like Bermuda Triangle, you baby pool shallow

I leave this master of Mimicry negotiating Truces

After I do him like the Hutus did the Tutsis, til his body oozes red life juices

I'm a higher calibre to you, an auto you a revolver

A Hummer you a Rover...check his pulse, it's over!
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Wed Feb 10, 2010 1:09 pm

even if its 4 against 1, i still tore your brains ruN!/*LSD its coincidance.. Run was obvious

i rip the core off, the four of, you loose like french nuns/*not tight

im cause for your suicide, spit bars with sulfide/*compound of sulphur & elecro.. arh google!

i compound diss and shock making your face hide/*Nur-

Half child, ur parents are copulations imitations/*they Mimick sex

the truth is, truces are for children of masterbation/

you're like swimming in his waters & u challenging Zeus/

you'll find me abstruse with your soft bars, im tied like your noose/

What LSD stands for? "Loss Suceptible Dummy"/

Re-branded by my bars, I.D. me, im gifted/

you a baby, no Walker you run with can get me lifted/* Kids toy, Johny Walker in his bars

you just Ordinary people, i am Legend, always existant/* John Legend.. Will Smith movie

Bar stool, Nur, that sh*t cant help you elevate/*Bars r *ish, literal bar stool

Kiz can't be f*d with son, his bars are celibate/

watch your ghost writer, turn whiter as you f*ckd & fail/

why the f*k do you think they call my bars a F*kn cock tail?/

Qhan rides asses, tell me who homo is?/

always behind me, f*ck you 2, im One like Bono says/* Bono and Mary J

You claim you're action man Mombasa, u're showing half stunts/*h's 4rm Kenya

This p*ssy winning against, if i quit He still can't/*Cunt, Qhan't

More or less a freetype... im starved of time..


link: viewtopic.php?f=1&t=17844
mimic truce
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Wed Feb 10, 2010 3:21 pm

sorry dog i dont know how you emasure bars but This is my 20 lines. If you feel its more then im sorry bout the rules cos Then this is both my two rounds.

ya'll've weak verses, n they refuse truce to feed off it, so often i just get lost in your cerebral cockpits//

bitch you barely noticed your thinking process making a complete halt n possesed you with rhyming Kiz-o-sis//

weak votes get off it, but im hot n i steam noises that make your face pore, sweating to fit awkward//

u'll barely fit a cofn, when i wrek kiz n feed m morphine so's tumors look more like hot air balloon objects//

ill shoot em with silver sockets, explode him to tiny orange bits n onto this little bitch kiz avatar' keeps posing//

So get mad, my lines take max space to stuff face, bitch, i got you looking like burnt christmas turkeys//

n your brains slow, u cant race, they just give you tight fits for shoes and say you got feet for athletes//

i use em to kick on Qhams cheeks so he swels and ultimately explode hips, with hair stands like don kings//

AHH got to notice me like kun klax sheets, im bad bitch, claiming a fat dick is how you got lynched//

Ill stab and wrench, pull out guts in extentions quick, then use em to feed your fam wor vors plates//

[ey yo - fuck it]


Im smart son, you'll watch my dart spun, while i fight Nur, get hit and quiet down.//

So wheres kiz even getting his mic from? this guys dumb, he'll get shook and leave mind crumbs//

you'll get ironed son, like illegal fight'n clubs, mimic's chilled there, like the hottest *mag, im- numbed*//

N fuck *skills*, i have this *trum* twist by the neck quill, n wont smoke em like herb spliff thats right charmed //

i mean ..

u'll get yo mind disconet bitch, do the death twitch, ill chase soul like exorcists if it dares go for a next switch//

Lyrikal your text ripped, you can do anything except glitch, n im exceptional, ill power surf on your best bitch//

ill pepper spray between her legs and lips, and tell you that you are well hung as a simillie or metaphor's diss//

n Nur you aint electable, please, your flows a sloppy projectable in need of a parental permissible, in battle?//

ill wreck you in digital,get rape in equalizer decibles, n punked em on screen like red crossed abused animals.//
MC Qham
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Fri Feb 12, 2010 7:38 am

So al just diss whoever in any verse

Parole got me floating deep in the zone, heard ‘em callin me out - my nose smellin debited hormones/

They ruNz trippin to blood-like scums like menopause, Skillz (Skill-Kiz) rhymes schemes is stinkin weak like retarded elbows/

Case closed/y’all lame over-dozed/

I’ll squeeze your dirty breath till u mimic ya crewz/screwed fools, leap loose/

Weak brains inflame disdained lesser pains till you call for a truce/(where's the truth[ce])

Listen Nur, your avatar corrupts ya image, you look so amateur/

You rhymes is gimmicks, your like a pack of homeless skunks/still you want a portion of these ranks, you a f***** prank (joke), ax the masses that you call fans (they got fangs)

Who’s that nymph on that avatar/coz all I see is Kiz lava course

Reposed shots take ages to reach my course/my subliminal take grace to lay on ya grave a red rose (funeral on a valentines day)/this (Kiz)Ito nigga got lame prose…

and yea i ain't that good with this rap battle shit, but i still wanna whip ya ass with my rap battle dick (mic)

Shaking ya Lyrical.skills, till I rid off this flea/

You got this rap pack pissed, ‘4 I end up ya glee where the f*** is your plea/

You a homo(dont), check out ya attitude for me/

U imitatin my lyrical force build on cocky images/

I can’t spit, so I just suck out ur demeanor like stinky beverages/

You compose STEAMIN lyrical leverages that’s like stirred garbages/

Savages surviving this lyrical ace like old Laboratory lampstands/

i wuld literally kiss(kiz) y'all mimic skillz and ruN to Qham claiming a lyrical diss :lol:

fuck y'all
mimic truce
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Fri Feb 12, 2010 1:56 pm

i dont have time. sorry guys im leaving town n wont be back till wednesday. heres my verse. do justice with it. Good luck qham.


This bitch “lyrik” died in front of six guys, then his soul expired and dimmed light//

Shit..It must be shitty to get ghosted in a mimic fight, and witness self in pitied fright.//

Fuck it… truce will limit yo life, n give it highs like what mid life crisis is like//

N talk to kiz like a dead bone destinys get read from, toss in em in his own fresh blood//

N while LS rhyming his second dead dud, ill get em unplugged like I was MTV with knife shoves//

Fuck dat, qhams a light thrust, fuck em with no hands tounging my fat nuts//

Ill give em a free spine, seeing his ape mind’s been to the grape vines or got stuck trying to escape time//

Check his kicks gear and hat signs if I aint lying they’d all prolly read 19 – 99// (kids clothes tags)

You aint shopping a long time, your parents gave you up a long time, you aint no foe of mine//

Nah, go borrow kiz’s snort lines, while I pick on his face shrine n get it commiting sex crimes//

Look , you all found your fate, drowned in hate when I piss on qham and his bitch salivate//

N You kids kind of weight is not my leagues right intent, we just thought ud grow big n kind of extend//

But now im smashing your wig with half the depth, keep this up n AHH goin to need a laughing trend//

LS gets mashed and mince, kiz grind and ripped while qham spits out half his teeth, nurs you bastard leave//

Its obvious * 'Mic*’s part my name, only cat that can wrap in flames, shit im an x man as powerful as death//

Forget it and it’ll be reason they burst at your head this whole forumn should recognize me like im past ordain//

Im masked on faith, irrational and vain, or maybe just paranoid enough to give you an asteroid lane//

Then hit you with a clark kent crane and leave mics bent doing runs on this last thought train//

Forget it its dark. All five of these dames will get ripped n mamed, to be found rotted on farms

Mimic is sick enough,and ya’ll is just fertilizer with a PH that I just synically want//
Junior Member
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Sat Feb 13, 2010 7:05 am

since no reply i'll jus go ahead and drop

Ofcourse i'm RUNning this shit/ comming with fists/ knuckles is bricks/

now watch me build a palace on your cottages bitch!/ the overlap is upon u, the only reason yall infront of me still/ yall will hear me coming like i'm drumming with dick/ arrange ma orchestra as I get into this/

brace yourself for a fucked up symphony/

Ama do it slow/ begin this musical/ soft, as I loosen rope/ tighten it round your neck n kick the stool below/

kizito ur not celebate, your shooting blanks/ no one likes you, that decision had nothing to do wit you my man/

so u switch to fruity mode/ we’re wondering how much dick you had to suck for you to go/

on and become a mod but who truly knows/ little kids have become your newest role/

ur avatars bout to smell his finger right after he played with your booty hole/

Lyrical skillz, since ur names being sarcastic, lemme say I really like you/

stop buying mics dude they just don’t want to amplify you/ six is enough/ u wrists should be cut/

not so you can die, but so u can stop writing the shittiest flops/ your writtens jus suck/

as hard as kizito’s mouth in his secret bathroom meetings/

atleast now I got yall two to hold upside down when I’m vacuum cleaning/

I’m shitting on yall, whilst yall still rockin diapers/ shittin on yourselves, funking up the cipher/

you can only mimic truth if you’re a liar/ but mayb u have a brighter mind than the rest of what these guys have/

if your seeking a truce then extend your right hand/

that would be smart but it’ll show that you’re more pussy than jerry’s rival/ start to exit upon my arrival/

if you have a fondness for your vitals/ or get hooked all over tubes like your viral/

turn your life to the same value that a casino and a dice has/

So Q Ham or is it sausages or bacon/ its funny how truce knows the size of your anus/

since you like to receive let me quarter back this play son/ you’re the sorta kid/

that writes all sorts o shit/ and calls it skill/ fitting that I end with you mr. porky pig/

as the real I’ll be deemed the sole GOAT/ abide abide that’s all folks/
MC Qham
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Sat Feb 13, 2010 12:05 pm

the minute I be pacin past you, I’ll be dreadful like a curfew/

my flow is on point my LYRICAL SKILLS is MESSIANIC like the mark of the chosen few/

my spit is glossy lyk ur galfriends’ lingerie, i combine efforts charisma is polygamy/

my vocab is tight like a hustle/so if you mimic my Runs for arms then son I’ma clap u/

I emit Powerful verbal jabs than 4 (y’all four right?) MCs that mimic champs/chimps*lol

I feed Y’all wit bread crumbs like rats, you so weak you can’t even Run half a lap/

Yo NUR Your rhymes don’t connect Its brittle like two distant cousins/

You’re a slave to my ring your instincts suggest you KIZ IT yO/

That’s how you parade infront of my SKILLS tryna MIMIC – 4ya info my flow is raw/

And what the fuck is that name (Nur?)fuck it,its soo annoying like low libido/

Dawg better quit this rap shit, coz you a big crack joke like Will Smith/

Pretending you textcee-wise- lyk u’z a word smith, I reject ya dirty deposit horrendous like porn clits/

Ax Skillz he’s so fuckin unrealistic lyk RD battlers-cum-bitches bragging over a bias win/

Your lady is so horny over my dic (double-deal<k>u) she might give you Q-ute Twinz/

Am rap vicious, rip y’all tissues blood fissures die foolish claim self-righteous/

Yo Kiz legal?/

You’ll be nobody till Qham-buddy kills you/

You-a psycho-logic (psychology) rap cat,i bark n bite you/

Skills got shitty lyrics like a cup full of virgin blood/

Claims rapintelligent, you like a squad of youth-anxious lads/

Contenders claim lyricism, I smell constricted structures - lyri-slim//

b4 i listen to your lame truces i press the trigger n hear you scream//
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Tue Feb 16, 2010 2:20 pm

Fuck drop

A collective diss on Kizito, Nur, Mimic Truce and MC Qham...

This ain't rap, this is HipHop on steroids

My skillz astronomical like stars and asteroids

I'm light years ahead of this pack, colder than an Arctic breeze

Bless the mic everytime like it let off a sneeze

With ease, I rip these weak emcees they too weak in the knees

I fly like the butterflies, sting like the bees

KRS is the teacher, I the professor charging no fees

You could climb the highest mountain til your balls start to freeze

Or dive to the depth of the seas til your ears start to bleed

Searching for an antidote for your wackness disease

But it could never cease til the day you're deceased

Lemme put this in black and white like piano keys

When it comes to wordplay, I'm lethal with these

My mind's in overkill and I constantly increase

The head honcho, the chief, yeah, you know my steez

My flow stay tighter than a virgin who happens to be Japanese

Ain't none of these fools' verses harder than LSD's

I'm a lyrikal sharp-shooter, I aim and squeeze

No time for playing movie, screaming "Ay man, freeze!"

I'd stil defeat yawl if you came in threes

Your spits are all the same like the contents of a can of peas

Now, before you choke and murk yourself please

Gimme back the mic, just pack up and leave

I really don't wanna see any more of that cheese on your teeth

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Wed Feb 17, 2010 12:36 pm

Babies under covers, always under my raps/

i ink you better, im nile, u're kalahari taps/*incubator

yo'll actors thats the truth, behind cam whilst i shoot/*MC Qham

your Lyricals kill? Nah! mine have you calling Truce/

Six mics? you got em! can't feel you, u barely audible/

only i get mega bites dude! you? barely applaudable/mb, uploadable

yes! i pop divas like paparazzi did to Lydia/lady gaga

UriNARI flow, undefined, one can tell a weaky peed here/*National AIDS RESEARCH INSTITUTE *wikipedia

Humbled! I'm backing down, Nur! u'r the sh*t/

my avartar cleaned my booty hole, u just came out of it/

Diarrhea ruNning sh*t, cum in fists, knuckles on d*cks/ *flip on your whole intro line

u made ur flow seem fony, so yea we braced on it/* flip on symphony, biter-weak tooth-braces

Now whose raising peace flags? this fag! i wouldn't careless/* Qham's avartar, so is the next line

your sleepy bars crept up hollow, easy,i leave you headless/*sleepy hollow headless horseman

now on your knees, "almighty Kiz, forgive us born of sinners"/

You can't match it & im like blood bath post-election Kenya/*matchet

Mimic isn't even worth it, a circus, we incomparable/

These r Kingdoms elevated,to mimic they sound like parables/

i'll do the sex change, u ex-man like Qham, u same and same/*claimed u xman

He is your fertiliser, BH, melt in your mouth like M&Ms/*sperm on egg, BH-biach, M&M's melt in r mouth moto
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