terrorist attack

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Wed Apr 28, 2010 11:53 am

do u feel the terror yet/ yall mega swet/ as i pirouette and dance mockingly whilst yall fellas jet/

keep running like rev-erend/ kept fucking yall up but yall niggaz kept/

coming back like yall aint had better sex/

i cant say i never fell/ but i've risen every time/ the visions in ma mind/

keeps lifting me unconditionally, outer n inner intertwined/

my crutch wen i'm limping to the side/ yall can cut me from the outside, but the inner me is life/

death cant penetrate/ pen and page/ is the fotress that i ventilate/

wen he slays/ mics! The fire erupts and his surroundings are set ablaze/

I’m burning streets as the mercury busts out the glass pipe centigrade/

they kicked me outta california before it blew up/

so I travelled across the seas again and went to europe/

unpronounsable volcanoes fucking up, ma densest of rhymes flew up/

yall seen how dark it got/ the black continents son making a mark in dust/

traveled across the atlantic with each leg tied to a shark with blood/ trailing to the kingdom of hiphop/

shark surfing/ phelps tearing yall up in the waters but the dark version/

deep waters rockin ma nike air jaws/

dunking on yall bitches whilst yall limbs feel the bite, tear, gnaw/

peace out as your broke into 2/ n besides I need some soles for ma shoes/
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Wed Apr 28, 2010 12:40 pm

y'all niggas were murderin' the rhymes here! so imma switch on the right gear

if i can flow better than these boys, why fear//they got rhymes thats weired,jus like the taste in expired beers

u can bring ur wife here,imma f*cuk her missionary style or she likes rear(from behind)

m the 21st century's shakespear// i dont kill the mic i just tear...it apart

m hard my missiles(flow) hit bull's eye like when they play darts...

this is a game, u play kids and i play dad...i play cards(my) like a magician, wack niggas i discard

like a slow computer u aint gettin' me so nigga restart...face me, commit suicide like a true jihad

only this time u kill none, now i know y'all feel that

i tell u this fart is about to depart...i aint solo lemme dispatch ma big-squad,
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Wed May 05, 2010 7:27 pm

daam man ma flow was tighter than a d*ck in the butt...just like that of Nicki Minaj....such a nice B*tch i think about her even wen m in ma hut eatin' spinach...detach me an Nicki..an amma break all your fingers leavin' only the pinky..i aint finish wit this goddess of a rapper i wan her to lick me...i feel her her lips on me as the time freezes and the clock stop tickin'..now thats what i call virtual freakin'! yeah jerk nigga an enjoy the freebies!
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Fri Jul 23, 2010 11:30 am

An immigrant coming to take ova NY like I am Sicilian/ n wit ma familia/ each block n corner become familiar/

familiar, wit our faces n bases dat our affiliates/ are fillin in/ people pointing at our buildings-n/

saying one day it’s a house like dat I’ll be living in/

But dats how da envy grows to hate, n conspirators create in-grown militants/

da rebel militia is releasing-da nukes to coup but the level of threat is minimal/

even though deyr frigid midgets-and we’re ligit giants we stay vigilant/

we’re trolls, we eat yall lil things for snacks appetizers b4 dinner time/

we ambush ur ambush n defeat ur army wit ma civilians/

I’m a chess master, but I play checkers too, I don’t loose in either game/

I got all ma team kinged n u aint moved more dan a single hand/

So now all ur rowdy roaring shouting redbull fueled bullshit, is simmering/ down

all ur fireworks are fizziling/ out no matter how Resilient/ I woulda got a phoenix slayer if u had risen again/

yall invision dis shit for da first time to us its just revision man/

we’ve seen dis shit b4… n so I hold on to ma barz like a newly locked criminal/

jus incase I gotta revise or rewind on things I’ve forgotten. I bring again/

da tinted past, hard to look into, just to keep me on ma toes wen on da scrimmage line/ I neva limit mine/ Hike!
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Tue Aug 10, 2010 1:20 am

SAw the plan hit the building but something was confusing//

the way the plane hit, it was like it's fused in//

then the head came out at the other end//

watched in astonishment as the second one suspend//

and flew in, blew up the second monument//

still gripped with fear had no time for ma inner thoughts argument//

approached a lady that came out before the collapse//

she said she didn't see any body or a plane scrap//

when this FBI dude heard it, he clocked her home//

asked her if she saw a plane she said she saw non//

but she was made to recant or lose her medical care//

while i.... try to decypher the whole gimmick still gripped with fear//

then i learned it was a bomb with a hologram effect//

the people already bought the lie so the plan was perfect//

the plane and the passengers, non could be traced

the fake black box and the terrorist passport, all faked//

.......................to be continued
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