ON THE BUS HOME........... (Part 1)

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Mon May 25, 2009 6:32 am

many~cold~nights //

still i hold~mics //

bus stops full of Pops as they roll~dice//

winds assure win for losers who stroll~right ~ :idea:

pass my words, i ended assault with froze~sight//

The "9" horns as my lines halt //

my mind vaults, fist daps and "i'm out y'all" //

Everything repeats on the bus home ~ better get ya' lust-on //

even dreams retreat on the bus home//

shawty wanna model, when she woke she got her brush-on //

long hair, wrong stare?? quick to get her fuss-on //

titan-size maximus, a masochist ~

u sittin on paper fuck askin shit, she quick to get her crush-on //

ex-man promised her a~shot~at~her~dreams ~

designer shoes, brand bags and~a~closet~wit~rings ~

became a bust~down waiting on deposit~it~seems ~

she worshiped the white-horse plus alcoholic~esteem //

they tell her "7"'s perfect, but she already missed it //

"24" seems like a journey, she resisted //

her entire destination she would just revisit //

"The Man's" schedule try to get her on the "three sixes" //

Drive by deserted land ~

kids base jump before they learn to stand ~

leave home boys but they return a man ~

put u in a "coma"//

no "punctuation" necessary ~ fit to say their thinkin is "inverted" damn //

Closer to my stop//

mentally commuting//

composer of the hot ~ how i effortlessly mute them' !!

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