Never ending cyphers since 2002


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Thu Nov 06, 2008 1:32 pm

Lets drop our illest 8 lines startin wit wat we got, den axin what our neighbour got..

Yo Sl!ck, u know I had ta do this man...Your idea, but just a twist.

I got

Flows blazin b*tches leave em 'frownin tryna smile'

they hate the fact they love me wen i pop ma 40 cal

playin hard ball have these suckers cryin foul

like a queen on chess boards i have more 'mooooves' than these cows

'top' o da game wit no-clue-who-t0-look-up-to

get more attention than epileptic attacks do

call me 'fool' coz i dan ate em all

called a 'star' o d 'moon' coz d kid 'will never fall'

What you got?
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Thu Nov 06, 2008 2:41 pm

i got a mouth that spits fire like a gun barrel/

a pen that depicts death on foes like hospital walls/

a voice encripted with talent, a brain dominated by wisdom and silence/

so i torment haters like constant migraines/

bring both pleasure and pain on, the mic like child birth/

the patience of the ancients, the skilz of the asians/

the beauty of the persians,but still black and proud/

What you got homie?
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Sun Nov 09, 2008 1:51 am

I see you twenty6. Nice twist. Will drop later
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Sun Nov 09, 2008 7:45 am

what i got is sick flows...that take over minds like an hipno /

rhymes phat like a hippo...that switch styles like a skiso /

i murder mc'z leave'em stretched out like a limo /

fuck if they lock me up, just send me where the crips go /

my lyricals got me higher then my mind on guncha /

im smokin that new president...yeah im talkin obama /

that's that bomba, one hit of this will leave you with no drama /

i birth so many mc'z...im something like a rap momma / :lol:

the oppisite gets anger, cuz my flag is the same color as the cookie monster /

but i put them in the food chamber and welcome them to the house of slaughter /

why bother...imma bad boy, but i aint nothing like p. diddy /

im the dude that put on for my city...like young jezzy /

the compton panther that's better known as at-meezy /

im hot right now, im so off the heezy /

ao squad -at-meezy be on the look out
Joined:Mon May 19, 2008 9:41 pm

Sun Nov 09, 2008 8:57 pm

imma make 'em all suffer from that disease.. Pica

i feel these...Mcs spittin' worse than ma baby sitter

i tell yah this game aint for the old an slow/

the best MCz had confessed tha flows..git em on the low

battle me an take the blows as they hit the bull's eye

puttin' nine strong mcs down wit a single strike/

aint eazy to tackle me down niggas cant git me on many tries

pulseratin' sick spitter m crasy as fuck..

in the jail inmates craved to be nuts...like me

lyric biterz have claimed to have guts...like me

y'all juz a bunch of hypocrits..

m totally destrutive niggerz are slow like they got arthritis

outta this world imaginations made me dope when it cums to weak mcs elimanation

determination of Shaka zulu has been passed to me thru all these generations....
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Sun Nov 09, 2008 9:15 pm

im hot...u ask me what i got

nigga u is trippin...and if u be askin' why...

thats when i start wippin'...
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Sun Nov 09, 2008 11:41 pm

Here i go

I got skills like man.u. wingers, something like nanny (nani, and i aint a manu fan, up arsenal)

yall are kids echoing my lyrics dont mistake me for barney

one man army, f a soulja boy, even if he won a grammy

im still the nicest, so many words in my brain, its hard to carry

you cant say i suck when just like green day i rock

i got money , every day`s a green day, my lord

blessed me the skill ever since i was seven

now am so good homie am on my way to heaven

i got lyrics, spit flows till the world is wackless

yall lames is like scientists with no labs you cant test

in my rap tests, am like fabregas, i "pass"(up arsenal again)

alpha male, leading the pack, im never behind like ass

yall reading the dailies, ik slick?he got punch

front on me, youll break fast like the meal before lunch

i have a betterway to get accross, i use my words

My letters play, i write metaphors, homie what you got?
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Mon Nov 10, 2008 6:55 am

imma obama this verse, cause most of the votes is my favor

im liked on the cypher...gettin more love than flavor

im in the big leagues...yeah the boy is doing it major

22's on the whip got your boy like hi haters

weak flows got that young player snorin

mc'z think they tight, but man these dudes borin

actin like a doctor and cuttin right threw these dudes organs

imma free man but my name aint morgan

i mean morgan freeman but im not a actor

imma rep with these lyrics, so that makes me a factor

like tsunami and katrina my flows cause disater

the heartless bastard grew up to be a master

it's the hood star that's nominated for an oscar

man im spittin scary got me actin like a monster

throw'n so many punches...got me actin like a boxer

panther so active point, blank, period......holler!!!!!!
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Mon Nov 10, 2008 8:35 am

I got...

Fast grippin' spits just like they do in space travel

i say, that trippin' bittch just battled the real Trouble

git your stomach on the rumble, imma bless u wit ma knuckles :s hock:

Air of an approachin' car crash ere'body just buckle-up

No air-bags will safe yah from ma crashin' spits/

tits aint what a real-g needs/

Nauseatic flows imma puke on your soul/

chess has made me gr8 tactician i jus stole/..... your show

Magestic mystic optimistic got bitcthes tickin' wipe they lipstic..wit ma lips

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