Alphabetical Slaughter: The Letters of 26

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Alphabetical Slaughter: The Letters of 26

Advance no retreat b ma motto for life/

Bereavement to all emcees as I cause ni**az strife/

Calculated flows passing all possible odds/

Dexterity in self got u callin us gods/

Exceptional in the game like i'm d only player/

Formulating a sick rep n i'm almost there/

Gangtars really wanna test the extent of ma skill/

Hopin they can get a spit that they'll probably steal/

I b the alpha, premier, numero un ma ni**a/

Just anada rizon to hate the kid i figure?/

Killing all who 'come' like i am a f*cking contrceptive/

Losing battles to no1 is my only logical objective/

Murder you fake 'cats' like i dogged on yo mama/

No-body-can-test-ma-ski-skill, even wen i stammer/

Operation P.R.O.G.2.RES, coz we need fresh rhymes/

Puting Rowdy Old Grumps 2 RESt, it's kids time/

Quote me rightly, we aint pu** nor are we babies/

'Reverse' ur flow, like i'm in d 5th gear of a mercedes/

Strong like metal but smooth like my word play/

Taking hiphop out of your pu**y like it's its 'birthday'/

Undeniably hot like the sun in southern Chad/

Vomit ill flows like I ate my whole squad/

Working on a formula to get to the top/like/

Xylem vessels take h2o in a fresh crop/

You are dead evidence like the rap corpse in my booth/

Zed rappers are alive I'm ur livin proof/

26 letters done/f*ck the logic, in my world 26 is number 1

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Thu Oct 16, 2008 9:16 pm

nice Mayne. you already doing you r confidence a great deal. Get your Multis right and the Sky is yo' beginning but don't Fall :lol:
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Fri Oct 17, 2008 11:36 am

Producer's weakness...find it hard to put multis on uneven bars(26,13,15 n ish)...Just had to tho- ma alias actually represents the alphabet if u didnt notice (26 letters???) actually means I CAN DO ANYTHING A NI**A CAN SPELL :twisted: Thanks master
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Fri Oct 17, 2008 7:44 pm

Papoose killed the Alphabetical Slaughter but what the hell lemme drop this

African Assassin Assessing Acts of Ahh/

Barbarian Black Beast Busting in every Bar/

Causing Caucasian Chicks to release the Coochie/

Dare me? Die a Death so Deadly like the last Dude-did/

Enemies Envy my Everlasting Ego/ (Never been Dropped)

Fakers F*ck around but Fear wen I kick it like Figo/

Got Guns, u Giggle like Geeks u next seen Gapping/

Hulk Hogan Hitting the media? Halt Hommie I'm wats Happening /

Indecent, Ill and Igniting the game while u Idle/

Jeeps Jet in and Jaws break Justice done I'm Julius/ (Ceaser)

Killing Kids that Keep threatening to Kill-us/

Level Leading the League I'm a Living Legend/

Might Move u but I'm yo Mother’s Man-friend/

Neatly removes Necks with 26 Needles A to Z you’re No more/

Original Organized Ought to have his Own-law/

I Pack Props cuz I Pick Pocket Police for Practice/

Queens Queue Quickly how they luv to Quack-this/ (Chicks Queens Chicks Quack)

Rus-tla the Rap king and the Rest is Rejects/

Seeking Souls to Send to heaven I guess u’ve Seen-that/

Torched Tight cats Till They were Traumatised/

Unbeaten Untouchable, with Urban life I'm Unified/

My Verbs a 100 Volts they Vicious backing off is Vital/

Words spoken Will kill I'm in the Hip hop White-house/

X-rated im Hardcore-more Heartless like Xenophobia/

Youngins Yap Yet Yoked underground Yer… I told ya/

Zimbo Zips it you cant Zip Zimbo I'm str8 u Zig Zaggin/
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Fri Oct 17, 2008 8:03 pm

Ayt...Just got scorched :cry: Lets lay it on the table. Not more than 26 lines. Those interested, drop...Rus, nice!!!
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Sat Oct 18, 2008 2:38 pm

Aight...Lemme do this 2, can i?...f*uck it, i dont need yall permission :lol:

Ahh allowing access to African artists//

Branded brilliant, bringing ‘em bustas what bars is// (real bars…not ya fake shit)[/size]

Causing cowards chaos, ‘cos we continuously crafting//

Disbelievers deny & play deaf, dudes must be daft then//

Everything expressed – example of excellence//

Flawless folks…we Gusset - been flexing since// (Gusset are makers of these reli strong BARS)[/size]

GAWD!!! I graduated & was graded a genius//

Hip Hop’s my handiwork & u others heterogeneous// (u aint like me)[/size]

Im Ingenious…yall others ignoramus

Imma invoke 2 puttin ma feet up in- ur- anus//…lol

Just jotting shit, later imma jump off 2 job

Jack niggas I aint jokin, jump off ma jock//…no homo

Knack for killing kids with ma keys//

Lord of hip-hop, got it on a leash…

Lent it 2 yall on a lease//

Maniac spits…music on my mind//

Native of Nigeria, clown & u nuisance get the nine//

Opponents face ordeals, only when I operate//

Popped up, presented with hip-hop, so I populate// (made it ma home)[/size]

Quote me!!! A quarter of ma rhymes is enough for qualification//

Rocked radios!!! R.I.S ready for ratification//

Spits sicker than syphilis//

Total termination when u tiff wit ris//

Understand I am unassailable//

Vital, if u want victory, I am valuable//

Whatever I write, i neva put the west last// (west Africa…Nigeria)[/size]

XL with it, don’t wait for December to x-mas // (x mass…kill mass)[/size]

Yall yapping soon be yelping, yea I’m talkin 2 you//

Zeros get zapped in a zip when u step in ma zoo// 8)


So what yall think?
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Sat Oct 18, 2008 10:11 pm

Angry Apes Aided by Arses Angling Articulated Hate

But Breaking Beggarly Bastards Beaten Brutally i'm Brave

Cross-eyed Cowards Cunny coming Closely Can't Conquer

Died Dodging Disses but Dived into Dragon's Dungeons This Dullards Dearly Dumber :lol:

Easily Eaten Easy Idiots Ejaculated Herpes Emcee wish we were Equals

Foes found Fallen Fair-weather Freinds Fakes Fools I Found Funny

God is Greatly Good Gave Gifts Got Girls blessed with Gigantic Goods

Honies Holla Hiphop Hustla Holster Holding Hold up NeighbourHoods

Intelligent Inputs Intoxicating Insecured imps like idols inhaling Indo smoke

Jealous junkies judgeful like jesus christ but i'm too jew juxtaposing gigolo

Killing killers knocking gate keepers King and Knight in shining armor

Money maker Mad men meddle with Multi Millioniares like me meeting the maker

Noisy niggers with Knicker gnawing nemesis nabbed this nickel-Nicking nonentities

Onerous ones but like oak or ostritch i remain one and only oil oozing oman

prosperity pronounced pro with powerful potentials sending puke in projectiles

questioning greatness quizzical queens queue like sheba get squeezed during quizzes

Rabid bruises robbers raiding Ramps ready for roasting Roaches

stupid statements typed still silly sermons sticking up strongest soldiers

turning tables tapping currents tongue teasing your trustworthy boo's Tits

unique like U-stick underestimated ending up utilising global you tube

very valid venting violence on wily masculine women...oops stucked
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Sun Oct 19, 2008 8:04 pm

i stay ACTIVE, a vet net soldier

call in artillery, heavy strikes like BOULDERS

mid winter ice hype, can the climate get COLDER

freeze foes tongues, lyrical DOLDRUMS

i am tha system, ECOLOGICALLY speaking

known to put the FIX in, methodically tweaking

freak tha signal in tha joint, got tha G-SPOTS peaking

dimes love me cause i keep tha HONEYPOT leaking

INTELLECTUAL INTIMACIES off chart like 150 degrees is

JURISPRUDENCE dictates i keep it hotter than the Keys is

KANGAROO courts keep me jumpin, so catch me in Karachi

... heated lean and mean, jamming with swahili mariachis

... no khakis, sporting them keen ass versaces'

LACING venezuelan rum with kikusui plum sake

smacking MALEFACTORS eyeing my gold watches

neanderthal necromantics who obsessed with necraphelia

get OMITTED from tha frame with websters new-age encylopedia

for spewing PSYCHOTIC rumors like foxes news media

but i ain't scared of ya, i'm QUIXOTICALLY out to damage ya

windmill kicks rip RAIMENTS, RABBIT punches RAVAGE ya

SEVER medulas, vertebrae, nerves, follicals and jugulars

persevere until the chrome is pressed against ya TESTICLE

UN-COCK ya an leave ya drooling like a vegatable

"sucka" echoing in ya dome like an anechoic VESTIBULE

mind forever WONDERING in a world of hyperspatia

your visions pissier than a fit of XANTHOPSIA in asia

YEARNING for them days of living major

but them ZEALOUS cali-days got you played by my razor
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Sun Oct 19, 2008 9:34 pm

41trippa did good on this, not the best outta everything but it wasnt bad neither...c'mon yall, where the lyrical heads at? :lol:
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