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Wed May 22, 2002 12:46 am

It's been 19 years and 42 dayz predicted

That a Nigga would rise from the ashes and be

the illest

So sick that he would compared be with Ebola

And his clique would rep from New York 2 Pensacola

Soldja by

choice, but a HotBoy by nature

Sent to rid the world of Bitch niggaz and playa haters

Savior to niggaz that repent from

weak flows

Ya'll may as well be VENTS, Face you shit BLOWS

Known to SPLIT niggaz that CROSS ME like THE RED SEA

I'm # 1

your just a TRL WANNA BE

If flow was SEX I'd be the king of POTENCY

And most of ya'll niggaz are just Rap


Respecting me's not a choice, it's survival know your place

I'm gods greatest creation since he made the

human race

I'm spittin lyrical MACE and got ya'll fools in TEARS

Sent to this spherical shape to have ya'll livin in


1st rhyme and I got ya'll niggaz HURTIN like U're the VIRGIN

And just think, this is the edited version


from ashes when lame asses thought I was done

It Ain't over yet dawg, your momma ain't sung

I may be new 2 this shit but

I been peeped game

And most of ya'll tired ass niggaz are soundin the same

NASH is like the fuel, and no doubt I'm the


Combine us and it's lethal so remember my Name

PHEONIX cause like Maya Angelo still I rise

Don't Be the Next Nigga

left scorched and misty eyed

How ya Luv that whoa?
Nashty Nash
Joined:Thu Jan 10, 2002 8:01 am

Wed May 22, 2002 3:36 am

Dats like Woah!!! Niggas respect it or find yourself ejected!!! Nash and Phoenix - greek

gods rulin the earth like Mars and Venus!!
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Wed May 22, 2002 3:31 pm

ayo u lame ass//get yo face slaped//like quick fast//oh, u gased up?//im lightin shit up//n

watch yo flesh blast//therez no survivin//this terrorist flow//prepare for the plain crash//u talk shit//while scratching yo

ass//thinking uz da don//n cant be touched//dont make me laugh//u still gonna get fucked//im immune to dem rash//phoenix u

cant stand d heat//my shit's hotter than 5 sunz//murder u instantly//like takin shotz from 5 gunz//a nun gave birth 2

u//meaning u dont exist//those who battle me//always fall fast//not latin longer than a French kiss-their asses good bye//ur

not true 2 diss uz a big lie//pretenderz get crucified//before they can even surrender//im nasty, like letin u push my

jeep//while i bone yo momz at the back seat//wit my palms all ova her saggy tits//spit on my dick//know imma bout 2 stick it

in her re...(sensored)"ohh nah nah shit iz foul yo..."//fuck it, imma step on yo midget ass//fo trespassin//on this cyber

space//where ur ass will get laced//n left wit an injured face//ur own blood iz what ull taste//u whont be able 2 feel or

function//anything below ur waist//then ull get locked in a cage//smaller than ur size//shit be painfull//like an old

man//geting circumcised//top choped off//half its size//wit a rusty knife//im out fo the triumph//nigga, if u feel im 2

much//then u better bounce//o getz OD, n pass out//ur name X'ed out//yo frame blazed up//ur stylez played out//u try 2 wild

out//wit yo big mouth//u getz, claped up//body wraped up//n put in the back trunk//of my vehicle//shit, its just too

simple//o i might send my man Bennie//to gat u//while u out clubin//n shed blood on the dance hall//u ass hole u//tink u can

rump up wit i//ull be left wit yo left eye//fuckin wit i n i//its da rap murder specialist//hanging motherfuckers on my hit

list//spontaneous tacticz//formulate in my dome piece//makin me type a masterpiece//exotic scripts, psychopathic poetry//i

smoke a bone//n provide u wit a bed//at the cemetery//when it comez 2 layin brickz//uz just a secondary//while my shit stayz

first class//like a felony//yo weak flowz//sound 2 sweet on sum tender rony shit//nigga uz like a cookie//about to

crumble//ur just a rookie still learnin ball control//uz like "call momie"//after being stoped by the night patrol//n on the

net u wanna act raw//cease that shit//before i loosen yo jaw//on this web site//i blow like king kongz fart//u better not be

standin on the way//o get blown away by the gas//n find yo ass landin in Tai Pei//some where in Korea or China//whatever kid,

its even worst than a drive-by//o getin OD, on sum get high//what nigga!!. i distroy clans//clickz, setz, posses, mobbz,

families, ants and crew//motherfucker im bad newz!!

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Joined:Tue May 21, 2002 9:01 am

Wed May 22, 2002 8:54 pm

4 Sho Mann which one of ya'll niggaz are gonna be the 1st to get murdered? I ain't never

battled b4 , but I'm ready to make an example of one of ya'll niggaz
Nashty Nash
Joined:Thu Jan 10, 2002 8:01 am

Thu May 23, 2002 8:40 am

Woah na - its bout time something real took place....
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Sun May 26, 2002 12:24 pm

Damn ..man I didn't anyone was going to respond... I respect U for that DOPE but now U got

2 get kilt

Ayo <BeastO> said I got killed, well it's time 4 resurection

Hope U brought protection, my lines rip

through like weapons,

your soft like old erections, don't come in my direction

I've been causing inserection since the

day of my inception


U call that a flow!? U must rap without a beat

Your flow is a white boy dancing, two left


Take a seat while rip you to pieces leaving no small sections

You'll come up missing like ballots in M-I-A


Had the Nerve to say I'm played bitch i'm just getting started

And you're #1 on my list of future dearly


Nigga U call yourself DOPE? Then call me THE DETOX

Have you SHIVERING 4 another HIT my rhymes are your ROCKS


right now, Retire, And Do yourself a Favor

What Did I say I'd do to bitch niggaz and playa haters

I see U watching me, U

must not of heard the phrophecy

Everyone is jockin me I'm ontop cause I gotta Be

Sublime visions of me with dime bitches


Me die quick never bitch i'm on some street shit

Most Murderist Verbalist to breath

air past vocal chords

Bet When U battled me U weren't thinking this was in store

Swords, Sais, and Knives carving into U

like Tatoos

How U figure I can't stand the HEAT, I'm HOTTER than MEXICAN FOOD

Breaking rules when I touch the M-I-C


D-I-E fatster than aborted kids U feeling me?

Now who killed who? Flatline I think that it's clear

No Use in defibulatin'

just tell his Fam. that I was here

Tear are useless to revivie so <BeastO> don't Cry

U can be just like Your old

Man, Next nigga 2 die


C'mon man I know U can Do better than that

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