Zambian Hip Hop Industry Timeline.


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Wed Jun 06, 2012 12:53 pm

[left]'A record of events that have shaped the industry to what it is today.'[/left]

[left]If you are reading this, I'd[/size]firstlylike to say 'hi!',[/left]

[left]now down to bizness;[/size][/left]

[left]We recently started an initiative tracking progress in the Zambian HipHop industry; organisations formed, albums dropped, milestones and the like.[/size][/left]

With the help of artists and other interested parties, we hope to create a database of dates when albums/ mixtapes where dropped, with corresponding media (an image, twitter post, website link, tracklist or text, etc) thereof, to include with that date or events on the timeline.[/size]

This project is just in its inception stage and your contributions are welcome. Notable input from The Holstar, Pitch Blaque and C.R.I.$.I.$. Mr. Swagger. For queries, contributions or anything else related, hit us up: [email protected] OR[email protected]

Follow the link below to check out the timeline.

Link: http://www.themictri...m/timeline.html[/size]


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Chizzo good stuff my man! lets keep building...
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