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reason or Fl....well it all depends on ya level of knowledge of either & of course ya creativity.

FL is "physical" cables clattering ya screen. well if u like the traditional way of working, Reason may be the way forward.

i have used the two softwares. they basically try to implement the basic principles of Music and Sound Engineering. as an example: Parallel Compression is the same jus that u need to read the manual n figure out how to mult the track in the mixer n then compress one, blend the compressed and uncompressed n maybe figure out how to avoid Plugin delay induced phasiness!!!!

basically what i am saying is that in this day & age all this software are blurring into a mess called: they are the same.

dont all this softiez floss with stuff like 32-bit float precision?

i normally concentrate on the techniques n then read the manual or consult other users in figuring how to implement it in the software i am working in!!!

pple have made great music without software because they applied certain creative and engineering principles that remain relatively static. somehow all the softwares tend to try to implement the afore said techniques. jus focus on learning the techniques n the open the manual of ya software n in less than 1 month u will be a walking FL/Reason bible.
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