What plug-ins do you prefer?

Non-African hip hip and other off-topic talk


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Wed Aug 03, 2005 10:05 am

Sorry Shewu.

The topic that you started is very interesting but I think that people on this forum prefere to battle rather then discuss about teknical things.

More, Plugs is very very specific topic and only professionnal and advised people would know about it!

Personaly I dont know much about plugs...I wish to know more so feel free to give us more details...For example if you can start by explaining us what is a plug-in it would be great!

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erm, isnt this index part of the forum about computers and studio equipment?

I think talent in hip hop would definatly prevail if people new more about these topics....anyways...

Regarding shewu's post which is quite old but nevertheless I'll reply to. I use cubase with several plugins. I use the Albino for its variety in hollow basis like 808 and 909 in it's percussion patch as well as a couple of it's base synths. I also use orange vecoder for on the fly vocal input via digital recording. Basestation, ReFx JunoX2, Korg legacy and Vanguard are also some of my favorite instrument plugins. Anything that can offer me the good 'ol analogue sounds.
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Sun Oct 02, 2005 3:51 am

I don't think plug ins are that important. the default plg ins on most programs like acid (unless ure talkin fruity)if you practice long enough can be used to do anything. just got a ton of plug ins from a friend andi'm only feeling the timeworks set though nice mastering EQ
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