Kast1 V Bashin( Bashin win Next Round)


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Mon Mar 27, 2006 10:06 pm

2VotersYou must ONLY Base ya votes on these...

English 50 Points

Vernac....30 Points

Punchlines....50 Points

Personals.....25 Points

Creativity......50 Points

Flow....40 Points

Metaphors... 50

Total 255

Kast1 Wrote
Yo son u got no originality/ u just someone else’s personality/ that’s why you are no challenge 2 me/ if u want 2 win you better battle fate and not me/

With a unlimited vocab/ my mouth stays in constant motion like a nomad/ its just so sad/

that In the first round i got 2 crush ur childish poems/ that are so old they are probably situated in old age homes/

So come on kid u can bring ur whole army/ and they still wont harm me/ or scar me/

U will be long dead and I will still be bashin/ Im getting so tired of ripping cats like u that its getting out of fashion/ f*ck punchlines I MC with passion/

Im ripping bashin with absolutely no remorse/ or pause/ yo kat I know u slow so just 2 be fair I will give u a extra pair of arms just catch my metaphors/
Bashin Wrote
ama knock u down & cover u with yo own scripts so u can rest in PEACE !!!1

yo punches are so sft & weak how the fu<k u gon hurt me wit those twinsaver fists

kid u can flirt but u no match to this battle champ

I dont need to poison rats inorder to kill this bitin cat

Oz told u hiphop doesnt mix with "cricket"

but u cudnt see it coz u blind as a "bat"

yo punches'll neva connect even if ud join hands wit yo friend 2 attack Bash

yo rhymes must be toothless coz ey dont hurt insted ey suck mo than the rest

ama put some Transkei women inside yo head to hoe all da weed inyo brain

quit the mic coz yo rhymes are not tight like HHP jeanz on Daine Klate
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Wed Mar 29, 2006 1:42 am

Sike ya vote don't count coz u did not follow tha votin procedure
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Thu Mar 30, 2006 12:50 am

English = both(25 each)~~(They both used English well done :roll: )

Vernac = None(0-0)~~(None spat anythin in deyr mother tongue)

Punchlines = Bashin(50)~~(Bashin had most of d ALMOST punchlines)

Personals = Kast1(25)~~(Xplainatory)

Creativity = Kast1(50)~~(Kast1 was most creative)

Flow = Both(20 each)~~(Both had flow although Bash Actually had 9 lines)

Metaphors = None(0-0)~~(None wot so eva)

Kast1=120 n Bashin=95

I think d languages shud be left out d pts system But Mc can use deyr Mada tongue as long as dey TRanslate it

No1 in a battle will clap deyr hands js cuz u spat most in english or vernac

Advice is 2 use both langs js 2 get both pts. cuz R2D wont change it
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Thu Mar 30, 2006 1:25 pm

NiCe One KaTz, though its bound 2 b One WINNER


ENGLISH- Kast1 50 / Bashin 50

VERNAC- Both 0

PUNCHES- Kast1 25 / Bashin 40

PERSONALS- Kast1 20 / Bash 5

CREATIVITY- Kast1 50 / Bash 25

FLOW- 40 all (tie)

METAPHORS- Kast1 3 / Bashin 0

TOTAL: Kast1= 187


I agree wit Guluva 'bout the Language Thing, It should be left out of battle pointz system and maybe b replaced by BRAGGIN' like [prokids]"I flow mo sicker than rivers ever heard of maleria" u know. After all speculations r speculations u should have atleast squized it it to get 'em POINTZ- besidez U needed THem

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Fri Mar 31, 2006 3:24 pm

this is a hard one i would vote a tie but thats would be like not casting a vote so here goes..

punchlines = bashin 35, kast1 15

personals = bashin 5, kast1 20

creativity = bashin 30 , kast1 20

flow = bashin 25, kast1 25

metaphors = bashin 27, kast1 23

bashin = 123

kast1 = 102

so i'll go with bashin
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[quote name="AddictiveSoul"]Oh shit... how long have I been gone for...?

Rhyme, you're a MOD? :D

*huggz* congratz bro 8)

*Huggz back*..Thanx 8)
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2-2 People should vote...Kanti what tha flip is wrong wit ya all? :roll:
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