South African HipHop Bible!

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arithmetic logic
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Wed Aug 09, 2006 5:32 pm

A tormenting blank page it’s like verses are lost in your memory//

Deeper that soul search all of a sudden you trip on a simile//

Like sands through an hour glass the inspiration trickles in//

U chew on this displaced line leaving a fresh feeling like Listerine//

That bitch HOPE who left comes back you take her in en smile//

En proceed to travel further to the darkest corners of your mind//

To find, fine lines fit to be written by Einstein if he rhymed//

Words held more sacred than the room Jesus en his disciples dinned//

Then comes the problem, u strapped with mental C4 en kats wanna test u//

They talk spit en bite but they not really real like a baby from a test-tube//

From a writers block to a position of power things change//

But till u harness your find you’re an eternal lyrical slave//
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Thu Aug 10, 2006 4:02 pm

[quote name="Habbit"]What do we have here..Yo Beesting, that's a tight script rite there son....Thanx to all peeps postin' in this thread..

Haven't posted in a while myself..let me spit sumthin..

Fu<k unions, my punches strike without mobilisation/

Been capitalising on weak mcees way b4 globalisation/

I'm still spittin' punchlines sicker then Dutch minds/

Even a Geologist's style would neva touch mine's/

Rhymin' might be your Habbit but dude come on/

Unlike Erykah Badu we have nothing in Common/

Your doctor's note's the sickest script u've ever produced/

Like Telkom u runnin' out of lines that's never been used/

Who's flossin'? I'm the illest in the game like Magic Johnson/

Verbally grantin' more death wishes than Charlie Bronson/

U fakes r Whitneys, I'm hotter than Pie City's Steak 'n kidney/

Lyric'lly on point with more Spears than Shakes & Britney/

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: keep them comin' fellas...ONE :arrow: [/quote]


no, monna habbit, ka nnete wa etsa ntho ya hao!
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Thu Oct 05, 2006 6:16 pm

This bible is the book of genius compilations: The fucked up thing is that it been closed for some time, so I'm just gonna wipe the dust and add something.

Ma Barbarian thots fueled by these social injustices

That why I bounce on these government premicies

Push them to an extreme be the political nemisis

I ain't a culprit it's the truth that I spit

Bruised by the streets I got to tell what I see

Hope that you feel that I ain't rebelling it just the hunger that I feel

My head got heavy, spit blood like Dutch settlers infected by scurvy

So believe it when I say I’m sick, a result of some shit they did

This is for ma people, so fuck all ya critics, if you're mindless fools

Ma thots township rooted, the source to this conscious roof

RIP the mic like Proof, dropping conscious Black Thots like the Roots

Cos I believe that this social sickness will once bow to the sickest

Street soldiers, young guerillas, the poets still standing the urban test

Moving to the crest, with a quest to free motherland from the west

Eliminate these elements causing sentiments to our people who’ve lost their cents
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Mon Oct 16, 2006 2:16 pm

Got a Habbit of droppin' punches lethal as a Beesting/

Reppin' Durban still don't give a fuck what mcees think/

Movin' crowds betta than Teargas when rap stood no chance/

Attackin' crews in skwatta kamps coz they still lack the fence/ (defense)

Still keepin' it real like supermodels refusin' boob jobs/

While they fakin' like chicks on porn flicks featurin' Snoop Dogg/

We teachin' u, packin' heat betta than cooks in kitchens do/

Like Durban tourists we sea nothin' but beach in you/

Played the background longer than Lucas did for Leeds/

Now township peeps ain't gotta steal to feed their seeds/

Yeah son, go 'head grab the mic and tell your stories/

They worth more than Fifty Cent's tales or Obie's/

This game needs us like shook moms do paper spray/

Mcees keep battlin', don't chicken out like KFC take aways/

Been a while..yo Beesting, keep preachin' son..good lookin' out kaoz & Quantum..

@ c-sa..can't wait to read ur scripts man..Peace out :arrow:
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Mon Oct 16, 2006 6:40 pm

You got some ill concepts right there c-sa. Nice looks :wink:
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Tue Oct 17, 2006 11:40 am

You got some ill concepts right there c-sa. Nice looks :wink:
f*ck Taebo, battle me to loose a calorie/

and casually, i'll leave you 21 grams short of being a casualty/
That was str8 sick dawg...welcome to AHH..lookin' forward to readin' more of ur scripts..

Peace out :arrow:
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Wed Oct 18, 2006 11:58 am

Neva held a SAMA in my hand,but ill cats & yes im a Seasoned vet

killin it with this verse,expect me to come back like 28s in prison sex

got a HAbbit of Bashing MCz & causin a mad-massacre for no Reason

turning a blind-eye on wack like fiddling with a dead-manz vision

its their babtism of fire..& like a priest i got the upper-hand

call me the University of PTA* Tswana-rap lecture coz im writin this bible in my own words**

this BattleKat ready to fight Vuyani Bungu imagine my beats against the beast

even when the chips are down ill still preach love and peace


**Mafoko a me
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