South African HipHop Bible!


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Sun Feb 03, 2008 11:03 pm

im have a paper due comparing american hip hop to south african hip hop. i was wondering if anyone has the english translation to either Mdlwembe or Bhambatha? or if possible, could you translate it for me? thanks
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Tue Feb 19, 2008 9:00 pm

from dis sickened state of mind comes dis prophetis shit

forseeing periods when dis radio stations won't see any fuck to edit

nigarz getiing swayed over to d surface cuz dey're poor in d soul

money priced tags getting a lot of tight rappers on d wrong side

more rhyme twisters rapidly turning kids fathers on d block

more nacrotic crazy dudes still pushing their struggle sround d clock

still gunn drag on ,till d point of suffocation..........................
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Thu Feb 28, 2008 5:22 pm

the meaning of the word bible is extremely strong

that's why we shouldn't get the title all messed up and wrong

this is the place where you find real niggaz ready for war

even the Nazi government can't survive all these bombs

whenever I appear the devil is digusted at the sight of me

The stuff that I spit is reminder of Jesus murdered at Cavalry

the motherfucker is dissected of my spiritual immortality

Coz unlike theses fake Christians I don't represent immorality

while these politicians practice ultimate dominance

painfully oblivious of their self made apocalypse

brainwashing us that we are free

while they kill my people for greed

congregations praying for peace up

in the derelicted Middle East

which we aint gonna see

till the Second Coming of Jesus

niggaz ya'll better believe it

Christ Jesus is Freedom................
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Fri Apr 04, 2008 11:20 am

Haaibo! Mos you people are getting more and more doper! Habit, Bashin! Iyo...

[quote name="DeCay"]These dudes

Solely depend on me 2 pave the way, and save the day

The Supercat bringin' game 2 those who crave to play

Refer to me as brave Dekay

Coz ill murder ur rhymez 2 a point that in their burial, there's a grave display

On the faces of the people present, deceitful pheasant

Instillin' a long tale/tail into they evil chasms

Wit' parables on scriptures as to how i let gravel

Perish into soft stones when i set travel

Plus i met several, catz who'd get dazzled/

Coz they rhymez got bruttally killed like Brett kebble

So fly n onpoint they said i shuld teach aero/arrow physics

I'm hostin'em at this level while they be parasitic

Hiphop is as dear to ma heart as a pharaoh's Egypt

And am willin' to take a stand for it unlike these paraplegics

I'm leavin' em wit' paralysis

Coz i cut any rapper/wrapper down 2 size like a hand holding a pair of scissors


Me likes your rhyming and thoughts around 'metaphoring' your lines^^
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Sat Apr 12, 2008 3:19 pm

Even in the hospital ward still you wouldnt witness this sickness/

Had to got to cyfaz with the scale to expose that kats have weakness(wackness)/

Got the 5.0 on my back still questining about all my dopeness/

Show u the chick i used to date just know that rhymes are in excess( x ass)/

Still rapping(wrapping) KZN guess you'll know that 'sweet' rhymes are priceless/

Coz stacking 50kg flour bags in a pallet is the only time you rap(wrap) for masses/

So lets make it clear like technicians trying to improve the screen pixels/
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Thu Sep 11, 2008 12:48 pm

i come in on s.a hiphop bible...

display ma rhymes on top of da table/pulpit...

plug a few cables coz ma rhymes are stable in da light...

dats y m able to drop bright script on dis bible...

ma rhymes bring more danger dan macbeth's dagger {sable}
anwar davids
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Fri Oct 03, 2008 7:08 pm

sometimes it feels like im climbing a ladder with no steps

and reading a book with no text

while the block is getting hot

i pray to the most high that im not next

this is the reality i fear

cos its tough living here

doesen't anybody care

cos we still getting harassed and mocked

while our kids disappear

on top of all this we still broke

with no hope

plus we can't cope

do we deserve this

walking these streets without a purpose

i gues it's just our curse to be worthless

all these adversities

still killing me soflty

and claiming my pride in this life of poverty

this is not me

im the creation of my creator, pure, like energy

so i use my common sense

to fuel my deliverance with ghetto experience

so we can reap the fruits

of our forfather's accomplishments

cos im not gonna stop breathing

just keep on proceeding

to fight all these deamons

trying to question my reasons
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Tue Nov 25, 2008 10:36 pm

look at the news, mugabe causing deaths by cholera

tainting the Gods as the Jews trying to rule 4eva

movement?...more motionless political nuisance!!!

senseless how scams are set free, f*#% amnesty

f*%# the government, for all the tax they took from me

my feed our streets like a bumper harvest

to spread the peace, lock all the war gadgets

something to ponder
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Wed Dec 30, 2009 12:17 am

Morbid diction! The colour of insanity is blue and its form is liquid.the evidence is in these mad pens,its the smell of sharpness wen im dialecting AKS SCENTS,no doubting my tounges ability,wen my record of wrekin is never broken lyk a nun's verginity,i march with martians moshing towards marchlands containing marshpits,stick a granade up ur ass u stil cudnt bomb shit,im the venom trajecting accident all snake charmers fear,with a vocabulary wider then borack obamas ears,kick better then zohan,more barbaric then conan,and undetectible lyk the ass of linsay lohan,im dropping hard shit with such relentlessness,that u can find granite and metalic fragments in my escroments wen inspecting it..sry so short im typing on a fone rite now..a wack one aswell
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Mon Aug 09, 2010 3:49 am

I'm a PROPHET in this game, you little rappers is my disciples/

Hip Hop my religion: Get your pens and get the principles//

Combine Jesus and Mohammed and what you get is me///

I know you thought Sheezy was ill...ohhh... now you got the trinity/

A product of "jungle Africa" so what I spit is deep//

And five queen Elizabeths ain't worth an African soul to me///

I'm not a racist, my favourite color’s black/

It's the return of Sheezy? - No... Mandela's back!/

And for a second I thought our white brothers were good/

But infecting African kids with AIDS? Man... that shit ain’t good/

Kill an African woman, and I'll become a terrorist/

Not a suicide bomber, but George Bush’s Exorcist

Bring him to a temple and remove the demons from his heart/

Tell him: man control your temper, you tearing Africans apart/

Africa ain't good but it can become better/

And diamonds ain't for ever, Africa's forever/
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