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Tue May 20, 2008 8:53 pm

Peace All.

The industry dont give a f*#ck about HIP HOP. Its all about money and keeping Capitalism in effect. The rich minority will never give props to the socialistic intention of the global real hip hop undergraound. All the Record industry is is the modern day slave master or pimp , making ho's outta rappers who will do whatever they do and say to get paid. I know many rappers want that and wanna be a part of that, but thats all short lived and a load of crap that requires to always buy into their crap. You do what they say and play their game or get kicked to the curb when you dont or they not making money from you any longer. Its how this rich run world works. Check the documentary "The Corporation".

The industry is run by the same ones that throw the people outta their houses in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina and will rebuild it to sell it to the rich upmarket that excludes the poor black community that voted against them before the Hurricane. Check the documentary "From Big Easy to Big Empty". The same ones that enslave people through hospital fees and fake insurance. People who have retired after working for them all their lives, they will make you street folks because of the impossible bills. Check out the documentary Sicko". They are the same people that send black people to jail in the USA and then make money from franchising/ privatising the prisons to benefit from that exploitation. Check out the documentary " 500years". They own the radio, TV, newspapers, media networks, etc. Check out the documentary "Foxed Out". They are the ones who get the contracts to fix up the same countries they just blew up. They own Haliberton and thus make money on both the war weaponary, as well as the building companies to rebuild. Check out the documentary "Bush Family Riches". They will kill you in your bed and think nothing of it and they are the same ones with legitimate companies that sell you security companies that protect you against their murderous ways. They are able to go to war against countries even if the world disagrees. Check out the documentary "Road to Guantanamo". They sell guns, while jailing rappers for selling drugs. Check "Bowling for Columbine". They steal the vote and illegally run the USA, while selling democracy to the rest of the world. Check out the documentary "American Blackout". Im sayong watch the documentaries, because you will not see this on TV that is all about making money for them. I am also saying this because our people think that the slave master who runs the TV and media , will give them information to free them ... Thats not gonna happen.

In closing ... The industry owns all distribution of music and everything else that is about information, in South Africa and in the world and thus they decide what gets covered and they will never spread rhymes about the collective power to overcome their regime. They censor us by owning the means to get the information we have. All they have to say is that your art does not fit into the target market of what it is they are selling to people. They say that negative news sells ... thats because they are marleting it more than good news or beneficial information. Negative news sells because they are selling negative news. So HIP HOP NEEDS ITS OWN DISTRIBUTION. AFRKA BAMs ZULU NATION had the international network to be able to do that in the 80s and 90s, but the industry understands this and thus they send their people in to market their shit in that realm and play community organisers against each other and encourage them to push their own interest over the interest of the masses of the global society. We have tried for the longest time to change this by creating one that helps our communities spread counter Capitalism/ GREED information that will benefit the HIP HOP COMMUNITY in South Africa. If we start here and it works nationally and then regionally and later internationally. We will in this way overpower the status quo and thats what capitalism fears. Thats true revolution ... spend your money on your community and what is created by your community, instead of feeding the beast. NETWORK, READ and FREE YOURSELVES and HIP HOP.

Power to the People

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Wed May 21, 2008 1:45 am

I concur with your piece but with the xenophobic riots in S.A, that's a bad way to start and a difficult tag to shake-off.

Anything's possible if you put your mind to it though so y'all gotta get your minds right.

One love!
Black Noise
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Wed May 21, 2008 3:16 am

True ... Its all about a revolution of the mind by all Africans and actually the MASSES GLOBALLY. These Xenophobic attacks are more about misdirected anger at the real enemy ...SAME THING CAPITALIST GREED and INDUSTRY. We are being enslaved by them and then we fight each other for the scraps from their table. While they bult their empires from that same exploitation and murder that our eople are directing at the wrong people. A hand full of people run the worlds economy and they dictate what the masses thin and even why they attack each other in this manner. Brea is R10 and poorest of the poor are denied getting the head out from under the heal of the oppressor. First it was the visible white man during Apartheid, then its these CAPITALISTS that raise the prices and maintain the strangle-hold over the masses.

Heres what I wrote to a friend who asked me about the issue ... It is connected to what I speak of with this topic of INDUSTRY being that same SLAVE MASTER that needs to keep the masses dependent and fighting over who will work for least and who will beg the slave master for his countries and planets wealth back to share with us that actually belongs to all of us anyway. ...:-

Hi Lizel ... Xenophobia is impossible to address in a time of stupidity and mass misdirected anger. I usually ask these question. What jobs are they taking? What are our children doing to get their voices heard to get these jobs and not just complain? Who owns the countries wealth? You wanna burn down a shack , whose taking our money out of our communities with drugs and Malls and Grand West? Why are no white foreigners chased out of South Africa or is it just the we, we you see in them that makes us hate them. Are we maybe , just maybe not seeing the real oppressors. Its like the analogy made by Malcolm X with the house nigger and the field nigger ... Are we all just house niggers fighting over the scraps left by the master, instead of being field niggers who are willing to run the master out and be in charge of our own country? Simply put ... who runs the money, ironically based on the same murder we are now trying to follow ... while they are still "legally" in charge of the land they stole, the mines they control, the wealth they inherited from that original sin, we fight each other for the scraps left after they take the cake DAILY. We continue to divide and conquer ourselves, while the real enemy CAPITALISM gets away with raising fuel prices, hiring "foreigners" for cheaper to make more profits, owning our puppet government, selling us a CAPITALIST democracy thats about exploitation and not liberation. We fight our misguided idea of who the devil is, while the real devils laughs at our stupidity and misguided anger. All they do is tighten their noose around our necks and we hang ourselves. R10 a bread, who is making money from that oppression and getting away with it. Are we fighting them, NO, we fight the ones who look like us. Cause in our minds, the boogie man is always black and looks more like us than them. We hate us so much and our situation that we will kill who looks like us first.

Why do we not fight these multinationals that have profited from Apartheid and Colonialism. Why do we side with the UK , when they are caused of what is happening in Zimbabwe and driving those people into South Africa. Why do we support them and not us. We gang up on people who could form one big GANG that could be more powerful against the minority that are really behind this oppression. We could learn from these so-called foreigners, who have been free for much longer than us and instead we see their entreprenerial drive as a threat when we wait for handouts, they know to support each other and create their own companies and stores, cause thats where real liberation lies in a CAPITALIST country. If you are waiting for work, then you are dead and your children too. South Africans are so complacent and when we finally get angry, its at the wrong people. Who is angry at De Beers, the Oppenheimers, etc who continue to manipulate our countries wealth through handing COSATU and ANC puppets ransom to the economies collapse if they dont do what they want. This governement is not by the people, it is a manipulated big business funded front to keep us subdued so that they can continue to enslave Africans globally.

Anway ... as I said, we need to work together to see the bigger picture and work together to fight the real devil that South Africa thinks is the saviour. This version of oppresive and exploitative CAPITALISM. It is the exploitation of many by a few and can only work if that status quo is maintained and the majority remain slaves to the few. More slaves, cheaper the labour, more the profits ...

Hope that gave you some ammunition to explain the bigger picture to our families having too many children, pampering their kids to not speak out and get involved in MASS ACTION. Lets make the whole world realise that they are MIXED and ONE BIG MIXED TRIBE/ GANG can make a difference when they direct their anger at the real minority oppressors. GOOD PEOPLE ARE THE MAJORITY on this planet, but they make you feel like you are few and they are many through negative news like The Son and Voice, SABC, SterKinikor and Argus and MEDIA ... that they control and thus control our perception of the world ... thats just to keep the masses from realising their real power. UNITED .. WE THE PEOPLE HAVE POWER ... DIVIDED they continue to rule ...

Power to the people ... FREE YOUR MIND ... unplug your soul ...

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Tue Sep 23, 2008 5:39 pm

[no doubt E, i feel that, and what we all dont see is that, as much as the media informs and propels us as artists.............i think they feed us with manipulated truth, dont believe everything that u read or see, a classic example is SA media. If hey have no news they speculate and by speculating they dont inform the truth, the blind believe the print media lies........that is where Hiphop comes in......this is where we have our own journALISTS TO REPORT THE UNEDITED TRUTH.................UNFORTUNATELY LIKE NEWS PAPERS HUSTLE TO SELL THEIR COPIES....MOST HIPHOP ACTS TODAY.....PUT FALSE, STUPID, SHOLLOW, UNEDUCATED, EMBARASSING, WEAK, DILUTED MATERIAL TO SELL COPIES AS WELL THIS MIS_ INFORMS AND KILLS OUR YUNG...CLASSIIC EXAMPLE IS THE POLITICAL ATMOSPHERE RIGHT NOW...PAPERS ARE SELLING LIKE CRAZY NOW 10 MINISTERS HAVE RESIGNED....TELL ME WHO IS GOING TO SUFFER WHEN THE RAND WEAKENS................ITS CERTAINLY NOT THE FAT CATS IN LUTHULI HOUSE.......OR BIG BIZNESS......THIS IS BECAUSE WHEN BIGBIZNESS INCURES LOSSES OR EXPENSES AS THE RAND WEAKENS AND THEIR INPUTS BECOME MORE EXPENSIVE THAT COST IS PUSHED ON THE POOR.......NEXT TIME U VOTE PUT A MIDDLE FINGER ON THAT BALLOT COS THESE CATS DO NOT REPRESENT YOU.............................PITY WE DONT HAVE THE PUBLIC ENEMIES AND POCS THESE DAYS THE REPORT, INFORM AND EDUCATE.............. i do understand the entertain part of hiphop, and yes we need the wack bling emcees for entertainment but not at the expense of the culture.....Rock, Reggae, country to name a few still remain true to their roots, i dont know if i can say the same about HIPHOP...maybe it is dead after all...............FREE YOUR MIND AND YOUR ASS WILL FOLLOW
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