2Face Idibia's Sophomore Effort: Grass or Grace?


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[quote name="archyra"]men i feel like am on fire right now cos am proud of nigerian music i just listened to 2face and ruggedman's new song.that is what i call classic.but there is a bunch of new albums out there and it shows how much nigerian artist are trying hard on their muisc.blessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss them at least we have our own music.[/quote]Yeah bro! I dey feel your W-O-R-D-S!......the 9ja music Industry interms of the artistes are really improving but not the system and body that governs it as in the Nigerian Copywrights Commision(N.C.C), Performing Musicians Association Of Nigeria(P.M.A.N), Record labels, Marketers and so on......But am sure that one day,all the problems and deffects in the Nigerian entertainment industry is going to be resolved and corrected.

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fecko 1 thanks for the reply we need to take everything one by one and b4 u know it we are solving the problems.u get me by the time our own nigerian music is recognised all over the world them u will knoiw see how copyright will start.
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Not really a fan of 2face but I'lld give him credit in his last album Grass 2 Grace. I don't know what brought bout the album title tho but he tried and u all would agree wit me that Face2Face was better than Grass 2 Grace. And boyo, men!!!!!!!!!!! that ish was long, to be honest to you, I didn't read it.

[email protected]!!!
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[quote name="trae_z"]guess i shouldnt say much cos haven't copped the album,only heard songs off the album here and there. but from what i've heard "face2face" was better.

right here

african queen


keep on rocking

nfang ibanga

...haba...u can't beat that!

but one track i'm really feeling on grace2grace is the "if love is a crime want to be wanted-fire joint"...my bad don't know the name[/quote]

i take that back. just got the album and have been banging it back to back like two gay porn stars. i'm now with lawyerchap007, grass 2 grace is easily the

equal of his debut (face 2 face). real high quality production with a lot of philosophical 2face. definately worth the money, infact in this case you're the

one that should be giving your dealer change and thanking him for making the album available for sale to you. go get yours!
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Thanks Trae_Z for your post. Lots of people condemned the album when it first came out, but like i predicted in my post, everyone is now singing along with 2face and they're bumping the album everywhere you go. But that's some really colorful expression there in your post sha. 'Banging it back to back like two gay porn stars?' Wow! i got to use that phrase somewhere. Enjoy the album bro.
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