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Its the whistles that started it /

Them the codes Niggas parted with

Locked fists(chopping knuckles)as

handshakes got disregarded/,Oakes got targeted /

Not cos he was hardhearted/ cos he brave hearted-it /

had crazy smarts and ish/,trade and bartered with /

Northerners as forex got black marketed /

game was switching into foreigners/,beggars got carperted/

me,T and Hec,/three deep in a lex,/ would be fairy tales

I'll keep it real Word to Virgin Mary mails

intercepted and passed on.....(Alter ego):No,no no Oakes before dat homes/ thats wrong

...............hmnn okay!

Me,T and Hec/ three deep in a lex/ would be fairytales

T's elder brother: Shegzy/ Kane looking dude

could charm the pants of a nun/ Non University trained/ Brooklyn Rude

boy/,dem the guys next door,/pops a major-ex lawyer

Drove a Ford Explorer /and at night used to smoke that cess raw(sheesh)

Neighbours we was/,Renegades from St Saviours/,expelled from St Gregs/

for cutting corners without Razors/,Shegzy was a whistler /

His birdcall pierced the night/ like a fierce kite/

or most blokes when Cameron Diaz in sight(hubba hubba)/

Shegzy was my Lestat/,demon vampire/ my corruptor to be exact/

took me from goofy teen to Tony Montana Extract,/benchwarmer

to leftback./

Shegzy be like whats runs?/,Im like U mean relays(duh)/

he said runs is./.....left me dazed/ format erased/ he says/ money

is power and if I got pay
?/,I says No..uh yeah /just some dirty currency

from back in the day/,Provenance?718-U.S.A/.WHERE?/somewhere

up in my digs in G.R.A/
,Cracked an evil grin then knuckles/

then said there are no evil things/ no evil sins/,get off those turnbuckles/

FIGHT FOR YOURS/ but never fight poor wars/,dont trust nigs who dont/

alight from four doors/ cos coupes is death traps/ niggas steal your breadth

away/ faster than you can get your breadth back/,eff maps!/trust your guts/

then bust your guts/ on everything except women unless you lost your nuts/

but what about popsie/ pshaw what about him?......

Look Nigerias grim/,job prospects slim/ unless...........

another evil grin/ you learn to swim with the sharks

pick needles outta haystacks see things in the dark

Listen to tales of Brothers Grimm in the parks

Bummer!The world beneath the world I knew( My God)

Introduced me to the most beautiful girls I grew

in stature and wisdom/,T ran to Jand cos Thatcher was missing

and Major took over and the polity got some major crooks/>soldiers

pretend Czars/ tabloids called em MILADS/ we made out like

one of the lads/(hey hey hey)and drank until dads/ stressing

became a joke/ meanwhile my skill at cards/ became legendary

the rain soaked/ niggas,still sang like canaries/

7.7.7 is a number/ folks its scary/ but true my Arsenal built without

Thierry/,three sevens/,one very/.....lucky dude

they talk of Luciano/.............'f*ck he do?
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I'm trying to condense my psyche and experiences into rhyme format,I'M NOT SAYING I'M THE BEST THING SINCE SLICED BREAD!so lets kill the beef before it starts so y'all pick a topic within the topics I talked about or a line that struck you and I'LL explain it in depth also in ryhme format,should be easy this are true life stories albeit with a lyrical bent,Merci mes amies.I'm into that whole Kool G rap pictorial ish with a Rakim twist but da stees is all mine stories too.Hola!!
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couple lines for you to go into more depth on or whatever really just the two that struck me

from the Island to the mainland/ dialing the Cayman/

to confirm receipts...choose to unlearn the techniques/ that made me King of the streets/(thats my word,One.)

Shegzy was my Lestat/,demon vampire/ my corruptor to be exact/

took me from goofy teen to Tony Montana Extract,/benchwarmer

to leftback./

maybe get into the transformation...from goofy kid to doin your thing to the moment you decide to get ghost from it all..

nice though
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maybe get into the transformation...from goofy kid to doin your thing to the moment you decide to get ghost from it all..

Young un's take a cue/ from O.G Oakes,you break a few/ records

and make prodigy jokes?/U IN VICTORIA LAKE WITH NO CANOE/

dick in Moby's throat /and best believe the great white/ whales a killer

this aint bed time stories/ Mary tales a thriller/,Oakes was Khan/

nobody but nobody jails Attila/,like Shegzy used to say nobody

nails a whistler/,Bird calls before the cock crocked,/talk slowed/

cos the whole neighbourhood block know/ wot ol/ Shez was up to/

and knew not to/ interfere,/talk flowed/ into ears/ and our folks

winter years/ became nightmares,/nuff beatings,/nuff splintered rears/

though tough seating/(youwch)Pshaw Dad on meds /mom had to

tint her hair/,had a crew cut/ Shegzy had on dreads /strong lad

with strong legs/,Hilfiger clad was Don Shegz/ and his words

we took to heart /walk money/ talk money/ look the part/

pretend lifes a studio session/ yo book the chart/,

said the Bishopsshifty/ but the rook is smart /would I live to see 50/ cos Thomas Cook

would fart/,A dead prez would wink/ and Humpty Dumpty cracked faster/

than egg heads could think/ and Oakes thoughts made pentiums dizzy/

third eye clocks yo peritheums busy/,in Y2K we taught the new millenium efizy/

thats floss for ya/ we read the Times plus Thomas Sawyer /we read minds

like Al Pacino the flawless lawyer /in Devils advocate/,we made Queens

abdicate/>cops inaccurate/,Shegz was Freds Catspaw,/I mean THATS AJIDUA/

Niggas went slackjawed,/we saw em at Dome/,T like you SEE/,I SEZ I SAW/

we wasnt alone/ cos now the Feds asked /for the unknown/ brains

behind the machine/ we talked in undertones/ our minds got gasolined/

fired at d sight of nine army trucks painted ash n green/ repeating

nightmares/ trying to rewind the last dream.........................

.............................still the whistles came at dawn//,T tagged for

stealing pistols/ Dads saying thats wrong/ Wanted Back 2 life plus the radio

kept playing that song/.......

@Frorensic To BE CONTINUED...minds in overdrive, Later
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Reality bites like a thousand mutts

-Jay Z
Back to life back to Reality~shucks~reality sucks,our gods have clay feet

our rulers are lame ducks and our broads?oh they sweet!posing there

like sugarcane stalks weaving in the wind and even when they sin~the same

fucks they screwed worship em its Robin Givens all again fear of women has

driven men and oakes aint no exception to the follies of hard erections thank

God for Protection I'm not talking police I'm talking da holiest of the holies

da Don king in ma section cos niggas things change and since thangs dont stay

da same my mens claim their own destinies and whisper the chorus of 50 cents

without da violin strains~blood in my eye God and I cant see......and niggas try

to take my life away~many men!dem lines shoulda made proverbs and even here

many send rhymes dats grenades and no words~ can express my~suprise

and unless my~third eyes~needs bifocals then my locals~finally found their feet~hear dat God?dats da

sound of their beats!~dat Kid Konnect vibes gotta be hounding da streets~and if

ryhmemetodie cops a record deal gotta be 100000 pounds at least~I kinda missed

the bus in all this~ bars a reminder what this cost~Ruggeds street creds lost in all

d disses~most of us stayed away,xilix can testify,went ghost just fade away lyrics

we bless with die nuff to make tears exit the eye but I read some lines up in here

I REPEAT I READ SOME RHYMES UP IN HERE and my spider senses go hyper

and I wanna give the Lord a wiper now oakes aint a slow typer breed I got dat

viper speed mixed with da methodolody thats a swat snipers creed so I look I wait

I observe I create I took My hate of the mediocre soft as tapioca raps dat make number

one for a number one joker on Rhythm 93 points cool FM and dat makes da uninitiated

drool at em so when I write on dis forums I'm throwing school at em right and left then

............hmn ...same time same channel folks Peace.
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Zero Wrote

this here's the end & now y'all applauding/

but stop & think, i stereotypically spat about nothin!
MC's! is that what we do?,attimes I fear it is,spit til somebody flatlines

Whoop there it is!anybody up in here wit kids?what we teaching em?

to knife a nigga when he bares his ribs?or how to make da

millionaire merit list? our streets so hostile yeah we peeps got style

at dat I drop a ludicrous smile cos we taking inches not miles not

yards not files on Who's who and whose not,whose weak whose hot?

we choose to use pot to speak to new blocks dat bravado false as

pamela anderson lees tits dat nigga ....he spits! and leave it at that

dont beef a nigga game cos he a eager beaver at rap teach him

to leave a diva out back and take care of bidniz which is

about our collective riches and our legacy to this ish should be this

da thorough fitness of lean pockets niggas should be moving like

extreme rockets shipping units off mediterrenean dockets but

its like jumpshots when Akeem the dream blocks it I'm

trying to spike some thots here free teams can cop it,must

be the tower of babel all over angels all over yet we cant see

the power plus we disable da older ones da dons to prevail

with wise toungues stereotypically spat about nothing~ true

but its also true that nothing comes from something~you

yeah am talking to you feeling da rhyme and basically just

killing da time till your units run out believe one day your

music wont burn out~dont know you dats the tragedy

dont know what you go through how u hustled like Cassidy

how da family dissed your rapping hobby n u smiled passively

went up to ur room locked da doors and penned savagely

thinking one day or even worse if only,if is a thief lonely

for da company of spliff and a record deal from Sony

wouldnt dat be terrif to be loved like Monie props from

Lag to Warri to KD,but cos somebody did nothing dem Alaba

cats would wanna use rice curry to pay me hard work never

killed none but your Sorry slayed me Sorry for what?

dat our dreams stall like a Owerri bound lorry taking off

from Port Harcourt we got issues niggas and niggettes

we need Dbanj's Koko NOT the Kokolettes,progress

not stress,OR ELSE its gonna be like Canaan,few will

reach the promised land,each to his clan,Paradise just beyond

the reach of his hand work in twos threes and fours,use the

Soludo solution and merge our encores kill the beef and

purge the sores in 9ja hiphops rap evolution I urge you and yours

to work together like one folk,nuff said..truly yours.........Oakes!
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interestin thread...u're nice with words.

u made me miss Lag 4 a bit!
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Back in this izzhouse!!

This rhyme was inspired by a conversation I had with this very educated very urbane caucasian I met on the tube on the way home,peops were discussing the current wave of paedophilia moving across the Western world and how current legislation seemed ineffective to stop it and the man made the mistake of asking my opinion and I said Sir,they treat them like armed robbers they get gasoline,douse em and BURN THEM ALIVE.


Sir,you wonder why a smile tugs my lips/

cos yeah my people thug out BUT

we aint thugs like this!!/

some other time ama school you why

they deal drugs to buy ships/

for now dont blame me if your blood supply dips/

this words are my clips/

if this was the last supper/

this blogs are my tips/

thats proper/

you see Africa rocks those old jewish codes/

More Cattle,More kids till Vesuvius explodes/

Clintons super information highway?/

they dont walk through this roads/

they follow dirttracks,take dirtnaps/

when the music slows/

Now Einstein laced y'all/

T.D Jakes replaced Paul/

still some dudes be stealing bases/

on them diamonds where the Yankees play baseball/


We see things different/

you see gale winds/

we see the winds whispering/and if Oaks get toppled/

Lil seedlings be shivering/

those black birdcalls you call heathen whistling/

make mad niggas fall out PLUS/


to the mobs cry for justice/

not that I support this/but the guy was worthless/

if the guy would hurt Miss,lil Miss of the Lil kiss/

and the lil dress/ this guy tried to put under a lil stress/

while she was still dressed/ with her lil pail

on her Jack and Jill quest/far from the streets meaning of illness/

fuck your corner pubs/

Cop Oakes 16 bars of realness/


Sir the mans caught dead to rights/

now the homicide squad locks heads with Vice/

paramedics,sirens,blue and red lights/

families huddle,prayers said twice/

eyes watching ruby colored/

they stones of red ice/

In your burg D.A gets the last word/

so's in some pens,guess he gets his "ass served"/

in my burg mothers cry the password/

and thats the mothers...of ..Jo...hanness.....Burg!/

moves so choreographed,aft/er

we can debate whose the so-cio-path/?

its raining gasoline he gets a total bath/

insane as he screams OH NO ROMEO'S DAFT/

Holy Toledo Its a calf/ a its a ram

getting sacrificed/ like it was Ramadam/,Damn!

heard he been married twice,/and in his hood

kids call him THE LOLLIPOP MAN

until one day his daughter called the cops and ran......

XXXTrain rolls to a stop.
My Stop.Heres where I get off.. Sir
Wait..."Young man...whats your name?"..."what?..I..well..intriguing

...."Some call me Oakes."

Door Closes.

The End.
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what can i say oakes.... what can i say?
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