Am i Ignorant Or is She (Sasha) just Whack?


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Heyoo ! Catz... I would only advise to go back to the Topic> AM I IGNORANT? and Leave the young Phat Bicth along. Aba !
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[quote name="del"]'If skills sold then truth be told, I'd probably be/Lyrically Talib kweli/Truthfully I'd wanna rhyme like common sense....' No need to say who kicked that right. Everybody here figures they can criticize people's material. At best, it's your opinion. If sasha had to pick who's opinion matters to her, KORA or yours?! Go figure. I wont say what i think of sasha, cos u all would think i'm biased. I dont hear anyone say eminem is whack cos he don't do metaphors. f*ck i used to do metaphors so complex people didn't get it, so i asked myself what's the f**king point?! No disrespect to people who are really 'into' hiphop and do shit so complex they don't carry people along. Someone once told me, shit if I wanted to crack my head I'll pick up rocket science, I dont want to lissen to music and crack my head. U said sasha has a big head, that's just the immature person in you. Wetin dat one get to do with wack or no wack. Hate is like smoke, you can try to contain it, but it spews out anyway and it's yarns like dat that show it. So you now want to say Jay-z has a big nose to justify it? The person who can save east coast rap, them idiots on the east coast are hating on him. 50! 50 might not the be the best rapper, but he can rap. He just figured getting paid was the issue for him and that's why he's doing his thing. Nas is mad cos he's been dong it for donkey years and aint as paid as he. That's cos lyrically nas might be hot, business wise he's a fool. Demand and supply. You dont supply what people aint looking for. Aint like Sasha is rapping nonesense, that's the point of this whole talk. DRAMATIK made it sound like she was rapping gibberish and she aint. she makes sense when she raps. She might not be all complex with her shit like what some of you would want. Bottom line is you do what u comfortable with and you know what u are after. If its limelight and money, you better carry people along. Sasha aint no Jean Grae, but she aint spitting nonesense. If u want to be a peot, knock yourself out. You'll have that cd on the shelf customer will pick up and show his friend, say 'this guy dey rap o' then drop it and pick up sasha's cd to buy. Then you will now start wondering why u not selling or u not being heard and start talking about 'I GOT JOHN BLAZE'.[/quote]

word del...word. i agree with 98% of what you said. you see, that's the reason i'm not a fan of mode9. Have any of you mode9 fans and blind followers ever paused to think, that despite all the hype mode9 has he's not selling. do not let us deceive ourselves, it's aparenet in the market. truth is, mode9 has more critical acclaim than successful moving units. upon all the complex punchlining and bullshit and bitching about egos up and's still flak.

Another thing i've got to pinpoint about hip-hop heads in Nigeria which i hate is their over-emphasis on Punchlines. it's like every motherfucker wants to be a fucking canibus. they plainly forget that rap has more branches to be explored. what about stroy-telling, what about freestyling, what about rapping just for the fun of it! truth is if you rap and don't utter a single punchline in Nigeria, you're considered wack. that's bullshit. serious bullshit.

y'all should ask yaselves. how many of these punchline rappers have made it? look at those Paybacktyme mofos. they've been in the rap bizness for a longtime, yet what is there to show for it? was it not when modey left the record label for questionmark he seemed to be enjoying small wealth? this are questions we should be asking ourselves....and not the stupid mindset most Nigerian hiphop heads have

think people.....
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son i agree with u said about the over emphsis on punchlines...thank God thers a whole world out there that understands and recognises the real hiphop wen they hear far as am concernen few nigherians have acquired the ear for rap m usic hence their obsession with punchlines
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del good talkin n ur long ass essay had some points n some trash......u ever thot of it that errbody out there r not exactly in d industry because dey expect 2 sell d most..n from ur statement u called nas a fool.....when of all tight rappers(dat dont compromise dere stands) nas happens 2 be one of the most successful in terns of u realize how large nas' fanbase is? i obviously think not....nas's least sellin record was is last effort (Street disciple) n it sold over 800 k copies(note was a double disk) so my friend..ill advise any emcee out there..if u dream 2 be agreat do not compromise ur stand n go commercial with club songs n all dat shit....but at least make ur music appealin 2 listeners(songs like one mic,testify,i can,on the corner,i'm a hustla,kick-push,diamonds r forever etc)

they arent club songs yet they attain commercial success_____dats real head material rite dere.

N NIgerian mcs problem is dat most of em r not versatile...stuck on punchlines n meta4s alone...

y buy a mode nine cd when all d songs sound almost d same(i got pentium IX tho-tight)

he's beginnin 2 diversify his art n show some story tellin n dat is a good move.

so be a complete mc show ur skillz...n do somthin appealin dat doesnt compromise ur stand..look at prokid n proverb songs like storm,i have a dream, mic sweet home n d infamous heartbeat.

NAIJA TILL I DIE_heard dat song some amplified dude ft ld..much love yall

keep ya shit tight n spit nice n appeal 2 d dont be wack n clubby ..dont disrespect d word "rapper" e.g Ijoya.
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I'm a nas fan. Was one b4 i even heard Jay. Back in da day with 'If I ruled the world.' I'm a BIG FAN of NEO SOUL. We were still talking about Neo soul a couple of days ago and we compared it to hardcore rappers. Most people just want something simple they can vibe to. Neo soul is complex melodies, that's why I like it, cos there's more creativity involved. But I can understand why some people can't relate to it. Nas has fans, yeah, every person out there does. My favorite Nas album is 'I am' because he was a lot versatile on the album. Did songs with catchy hooks and still repped tight. Heard the hidden track on Common's album, "pop reprisal" Sounded like one of Andre 3000's stuff, 'Hey ya'. Me i loved it. Rap wise of course common still held it down. It'd be nice for people to explore all the aspects of rap. But the most important thing is connecting with the people you are rapping to.How many nigerians can feel rap like that?! I have performed at shows and I'm on stage thinking what the fuck i'm I doing cos people just watching. I'd rather be D'banj with the whole crowd rocking with me. For me, it's connecting with people that's the most important. I dont see it as condescending rapping in pidgin, no be pidgin we dey blow for naija? Let's rep us, let's try and relate with out people. It's not 'dumbing down' it's taking the challenge of making good music for people to relate to.
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[/quote]generally naija needs a female to school her fellow emcees,they all so wack when i hear blaise,bouqui,weird mc,sasha spit i wanna enter the ground abeg....make person clear me....


bouqui is wack? men, u guys never cease to amaze me.
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dramatik respects Nas and if i culd be him i'd be happy,dont u cats read do i text like Nas some of yu heard my soundclick do i sound like Nas i dont think so....back to the topic

@del...seee guy forget market HipHop we all respect KRS 1...u think dat cat culd sell a million today i dont think so,sasha sellin albums dont make her tight,u say she aint complex,her basic style is weak fo'real and dont tell me people dt yu all know she wanna be like eve c'mon! listen to hw she spits...

@x2dz no be ur fault,ive realized yu are 1 of d people i affect ur life so much,in order not to feel inferior u jus run ur mouth...guy go to a vulcanizer and pump up yo self esteem..
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Del, this is a forum and everybody got their own opinions. hatin, i believe should be a motivation for you and sasha(in fact every other person that gets criticized rightly or wrongly).

And sayin you better be dbanj than being a poet is also your personal opinion.

I feel jus do wat u do in the best and purest form. Cash dont really rule every thing around.even if it does, it should not rule you as a human.

And to let you into something you might not know, poets and lyricists have thier own fans that could buy cds.

Mode9 is getting better buzz nowadays not just by hiphop heads. Realness is TAKING OVER.

Del just do u and dont be mad when people type their opinions here.
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ON the real wut i noticed from sasha's video was definitely parta the eve inspired shit..but well she can wannabe whoever ideas original..we all took motivation from various me 4 instance took mine from nas...1 person ill meet b4 i get laid in dust.
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