never ending naija cypha...


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Mon Mar 28, 2011 9:24 pm

ooo boy!!!!

yo!! surprise..truly this thread aint ending/

so do wat i gats to do str8 this thread aint bending/

its been a longtime like tales by moonlight/

no mata how long the boy still spit tite/

i see a lot of kids be jumping in...bouncin' castle/

but real king still here still rolling..wheel and axle/

am loving it africanhiphop gat me feeling bionic/

its quite long but we bond strong like ionic/

bet on it.. too legit to quit i put the hammer on it/

many rappers think the gat it..NO!! they lack the elments they not periodic/

it aint tricking if u gat it/ no faking i dont push...push it i str8 deliver/

u dont come friends no family ties/

take note am fa(FAR) like the fourth note/

i write mor than an author..till my pen spit me Author pendargon'/

I drop sicker ryhmes my pen drops dead errtime i drop a line/

too sick am life support/ rapping is my sports/

i got medals to show for it/ dats why am hot like i ball for Heats...Miami no mind me/

spittin mor than an imbecile...dont make me vex/

dont try/ even if ur wearing the singlet/

flo dirtier than piglets/ coz i worte this on a sty/

.....e don taaaaayyy.. but e still dey bodi like tribal marks/

ok.. smeagle looking flo.... my rhymes stay precious/

me and hiphop r tag team u cant tackle us/

flo complex like vitamins and calculus/

am off the hook u can say the SHACKLE LOSS!!

....ASK TOME CRIUSE no mission is impossible/

too tite to loose suffocation possible/

i rock still/ flo FLEIR than HANDBILLS/...

freestyling......never outta rhyme


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Fri Apr 29, 2011 12:46 am

i dey with the great gama right under the palm trees/

enjoying the calm breeze while sharing some yarnings/

birds eavesdrop cos they wanna know what the plan is/

but its all so simple~1, get dough~2, eat some farm cheese/

and celebrate everyday, killing only the fatted calf/

lets separate wheat from chaff~my rhymes make u barf/ sick

boiz are not smilin? well you can say we never laugh/

Yes~You wont get it~seeking pity from my better half/

wanna know how i duzz it easy~skills play a big factor/

they don't call me big4nuttin-am endowed like a porn actor/

gotta fend for ourselves cos we liv-ing the hardcore/

think bout it~there's just no way~we cant all be poor/

Most Transaction Condemns Nigeria but they well spent/

two hundred, thirty five cent, i call it heaven sent/

i say one luv to my best friend down at the west end/

Pharah the badman dat sip nothing but the best blend/

imagine us on a Cuban beach~girls, drinks & sandwich/es

with four suitcases holding one million dollars each/

fuck they scholarship~I'd rather take to the street/

cos the money made is long enough to grant any wish/

even Kate Middleton... care for a drink and a natter/

looking at the cash like a thin, flat cake of batter/ Pancakes!

help ask them what matter? if we make-it-rain patter/

while watching all them years go by as we get fatter/ no tummytuck, hen hen
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Sat May 28, 2011 2:22 am

wonder why im gangstar? why me and my crew's on a mission/

why we super-bagg the A-Kay 47's and throw a full clip in/

why i still kill~and got some mo few mad shots to chip in/

dropping hot hot stuffs like barrels where bullets sit in/prahhh

leavin ya rooftops leaking! now who's real, who's bitchin/

who is it you beefin with? its war when my troops lynchin/

this aint no battle, it's more like catchin dudes sleepin/

im a master like Doctore cos they backside im bullwhippin/spartacus

take a walk with me on a no man's land & start bootlickin/

i was there in the mornin where yo homeboy quits breathin/

eatin Dr. quakers oatmeal & openin Da Vinci books, readin/

You need no lie detector to know that 'i am truth seekin'/

i search for life on mars and saw sum aliens footprint-in/

all my niggis co-follow cos i've been through competition/

i standout like a tree in d garden~which fruits forbidden/

no bullshitting~everybody fuckin wanna know who's spittin/

its the micphone smooth operator~let's try a new position/

call me dick-head? how come your chick dyin to push it in/

she rode me like a rodeo~going up down like hoops skippin/

fuck a sweet sixteen~i passed her jamb once, eff 2 sittin/

heads keep pressin on rewind when im onto the next season/

cos rhymes makes em feel hot on the outside & cool within/

and to all the ladies and gents~i send my seasons greetin/

been away now im back like "hope you have a good weekend"/
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Mon Jun 13, 2011 7:21 pm

This is non stop flow like wounds with no torniquet

You aint a FLY dude ur type didn't get no AirTicket(etiquette)

Silly ass flow! Ur lines are empty like a rookie fisherman

I'm coming of d top bottle corks its freestyling man

Been away for eons forgive if am rusty,soon brush it off

I'm what y'all call gutsy! I'm sonning wack dudes call me Popsie

Remembered when dis all started AHH for life man
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Wed Jun 15, 2011 2:48 am

Right from the beginning, i've been on fiending for Mics/

til canibus came in and show me the true meaning of life/

I've been gettin it deep down in the streets, being wise/

now gimme five & hail d new king of this neva endin cyph/

do otherwise, imma carve pussy on u with a kitchen knife/

cos i Rip shit like angry kid, fuck those whos been nice/

Am still in it~getting the best outta your cheating wife/

of course it happened once~damn, now its happening twice/

open your eyes wide, i hunt with the vision of a cougar/

been on my tenth, but i still pour gin in my next gulder/

ladies love it! cos i got strength to make the sex super/

sayin such nice words like~'can i touch ur breast' sugar/

Yo! i get alluv them love, leaving you with the residual/

cos ur a mess in the sewer while i remain fresh as usual/

oh yes you are~a pussy, snitch, scum bag and an ass-hole/

the Ark's coming off fast, slow, like it's my last show/

while i get paper in mills and dribble fakers wit skills/

no holding back jack, it's time i give em all the chills/

my words spread over the beat like an incurable sickness/

that's just the reason why HipHops my insurable interest/

we looking for an edge, haven't u heard of, Games theory/

each day i spent on this piece, oh yeah i fuckin love it/

like canibus and keith murray, we some Under Gee-O-Dee-S/

Yesss nobody else could ever spit with so much kindnesss/

i overdid it, fuck jay, it's over when onto the next one/

niggas be calling me t'cha, t'cha, like am Kay-R-Sss one/

cos without the beats, i can neva be free like an ex-con/

no more no less son, the joy is like havin my first born/

lifes too hard but i pressed on, until i emerge a winner/

i chill 'away in sum-mers, then be out hot in the winter/

cos no task's too big, i lift weight with jus one finger/

with a swag dat got terry g thinking, i need more ginger/

i get around too much and thats why im never hood struck/ heyyy, hold up

who's Jonathan Good-luck?, when all i need is a goodfuck/ yo..... what

Yeah,goodwork always payoff, so any chance imma seize em/

Word to haters, aint no tellin wat imma do when i see em/

another M-T-C-N, its time we get down to the yahoo dance/

no pranks!, them scam doe go swiss like a trip to france/ SHhhhhhhhhhhh

i've been unlucky but guess what! i don't need your pity/

cos i'm an hustla oh, no wonder i luv sights in the city/

if my homies catch bo-dies then it's another hole to dig/

our money is right in the pipe like we bunker an oil rig/

you choose where you want it at, tanta-lizer or Mr Brigg/s

i eat MC's alive, how you think my stomach got this big?/

better get the clue, chumps! cos we don't joke ov' here/

i got a bunch of thugs outside with they arms fold YEAHh/

like the nigga ob'thrice,this here's my muhfuckin cheers/

You know me, imma hit the spot only if beer's sold there/
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Fri Jul 22, 2011 6:32 pm

look! the writing's on the wall check microphone, check/

i stay up day nite, workin my fingers to the bone; heck/

cos am here to rock the ship! playing with a full deck/

like rugby players do in brawls we fightin for the ball/

fuck suo! this ain't no galala or makosa, it's hardcore/

hiphop! something like when canibus set up the mic club/

a fight club battling arena where cats spit off the top/

cos the atmosphere is wet hot, it's a brand new feeling/

that leaves b-boys n girls so fly, rocking a blue denim/

like black magic, it's hard to believe in what u seeing/

cos am on track, wheeling n dealing like a true villain/

while the rest of my crew's fiendin, illin to stack doe/

up to the ceiling with more pegs to fill in black holes/

fake dudes wanna crack jokes but they sack uv po-tatoes/

they went to a watery grave while am out d back strokes/

cos cats know we snap toes keep a gat close 2 clap foes/

it's death at most, we never fear to kill with kindness/

watch who you beef with, dont be foold by the blindness/

God's times' best, from underdogs to be i.b city finest/

with each word sitting on line like an under-lined text/

am sick like a wife denied sex, getting high on whiskey/

word to all my niggis... old habits don't die easy/

am all about the action cos i never keep a folding arms/

i wrote this bars, jolly ridin on the road to be a star/

smoking on some uh uh, ah ah, shit, man you gon love it/

the dj's on board mixing do, re, mi through do, ti, fas/

words gets deeper than a konga wit this lyrical monster/

it aint safe any longer cos i keep coming back stronger/

scaring folk from they slumbers like am with bells on/

cos nobody gets dumber than the Ark, Alias Meddy, Bonga/
One P
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Fri Jul 22, 2011 9:41 pm

Dope jobs guys on the Never ending cypha good to see heads in Nigeria killing it!

Have you guys heard Los Angeles rapper One P yet? Just released a new single "Hello From The Sky"

Here's the links... Itunes: ... d451152590

Amazon: ... p;sr=301-1

Also streaming on Youtube:

Hope to come out to Nigeria and all of Africa and perform!
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Wed Aug 24, 2011 6:09 pm

i remember them well, all uv them cat faces and names/

cos i’m no amateur emcee, i’m a big player in the game/

making move-s like don jazzy with a silver-topped cane/

be as right as rain, i soul travel on a Charles's Wain/

finding forever like common sense with nothing to gain/

but then again life’s a drug never to be taken in vein/

cos like a co-caine dealer, I’m a boss in my own frame/

spitting raw like d ninety eighty eight big daddy kane/

now gimme a free rein plus all fifteen minutes uv fame/

as the engine combust into flame, on aboard soul plane/

i depart the universe brane, saying gracias to my main/

man PM... cos him too is part uv the system's membrane/

we neutralize them wack rappers like animals in chains/

then input texts on screens to finger print they brain/

bringing the pain from the tops to the end uv the line/

forcing the planet to align Yeah, ark’s dead by design/

and stay ahead uv the time, keeping dirt off his shine/

the rhyme blend and go with the flow like exotic wines/

even them ol’ Gs gave me a nod to keep on gunning jack/

no cunning acts i chose skill over the big money stack/

blowing my horn, to wake fools up like a dawning crack/

what’s going on black? dope rap got fiends coming back/

cos i took the wheels runnin tracks and dummy up wacks/

spitting out 20 foot uv bonfire which they tommy lacks/

no time to slack cos arks the new champion in the ring/

bringing the ruckus to you and whoever, crown you king/

see, the shit aint tattoo or beer when i say i d,r ink/

save ur thought for a shrink, i don’t care wat u think/

i’m the boss uv all bosses in league uv poetic justice/

dropping a M, L, Kay speech on behalf uv the voiceless/

with smooth melodies to help you ward off your worries/

i try hard making good out uv whatever my hand touches/

cos whenever i lay my game down it’s all win no losses/

after smoking the aces imma go hit it with the dutches/

dudes holding grudges cos they whole style hodgepodges/

but when i bumrushes, they caught right in my clutches/

cos im sick coming off the pictures uv the sun goddess/

look ‘ere the place is for them big dawgs, not puppies/

we team up on the cypher orgies cos we best uv buddies/

art uv war taught me all battle is better won flawless/

and thats why they whole crew’s seeking to join forces/

i burn bridges to understand my true worth and purpose/

walking down on a plank across life’s big lake uv fire/

cos let’s be frank man, i ain’t seen no bitch like her/

she doesn’t ride with hitchhikers but only pied pipers/

who show skills like a shaolin fighter turn ghostrider/

schooling outsiders with insights uv a graffiti writer/

aYo! folks it's M-Bonga Your sire, put up your lighter/
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Sat Sep 03, 2011 4:58 pm

One two,---One two, One two,---One two,

Yo! check, it goes one for the money, two for the show/

three for the love and four for those who already know/

for sho’ for sho’, i’m on top uv the world like j-cole/

cos only the clever say go! go!! and never won’t say no/

don’t second guess or second best bro, always stay pro/

swhy the homey ik slick, drop a hint, i’m bout to blow/

no cause for alarm though, I’m boko, boko but no haram/

Yo! i greet yall Salaam alaikum like a sabongari mallam/

big up to Pharah, my get down nigga, ba-ri-ka de salah/

it’s only matter of time, we gon’ make it, insha allah/

cos its no retreat no surrender for us ghetto soldiers/

no sleep no rest, i keep an open eye, smoking boulders/

cos this bloodfilled street aint for jokers and hopers/

but only go getters... mean muggers and lyrical dopers/

we too spit dope bars to dare the world record holders/

check the ad lib, we the sweet music men, Kenny Rogers/

Giving props to talib cos we bring rainbows to gutters/

shining on ‘em like the spot light and camera shutters/

living life like a roller coaster, hands off the wheel/

for real! i’m green around the gills cos my styles ill/

bars made of Adamantium steel, excellent is how I feel/

to be exactly where i am, it ain’t no super-duper deal/

i fly the coop then parachute down like i’m d b cooper/

busting shot at onlookers cos my shit’s off the cooker/

bring it on! i don’t mishit like a marine trained shooter/

this is cypha bonanza, an awoof to them U-Kay looters/

Rappers got booed, off the stage like a make up artist/

without the costume, no lie we preach what we practice/

So check the tactics of how i drop em instant classics/

demand goes inelastic when im killin em insolent bastard/

okay, that’s it, no more biggie, gimme one more chance/

is ride or die now, game level’s up to zero tolerance/

I got in my Gee-Stance, knock the system off balance/

spitting magical words, abracada-not mere utterance/

i show no reluctance cos lyric’s written in accordance/

with the mood and reach beyond the musical performance/

Yo! i believe in life, errthing has it’s own importance/

for instance, boy meets girl and also pen meets paper/

to build up that wrestling romance, yeah that wrestling romance/
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Tue Oct 11, 2011 7:30 pm

Yeah... I don't give a fuck like a forty year old virgin/

cos I’m my own person, born to fulfill an old legend/

I excel with the one, two testing cos there’s no question/

I’m scorching hell and you can fucking tell, brethren/

heads bow down and start singing praise to God in heaven/

cos ain’t no doubt about it, I’m a rare special creation/

or you can say lyrical changeling with skills so amazing/

never on a low rating, i follow tuface to say no shaking/

cos we make bold statement like big elephants in basement/

like i-phone batteries, Y’all know, I got no replacement/

this here is exclusive, not for anyone below eighteen/

i weigh in bars while the others stay on the low waiting/

no debating, my world's too hot to keep a snowflake in/

i smoke chocolate n have them bars and beats syncopating/

cos the final ransom is handsome but we aint negotiating/

I ink my quill with the black oil of an old motor engine/

painting sick pictures with words that you can’t imagine/

call AdoubleH, a cypher-land or an intelligent gathering/

i play my move swift with action, flowing with a passion/

decimal split to fractions cos ark’s never old fashioned/

i’m like a German machine designed for the art of rhymin/

reflecting eternal when i’m shining like a black diamond/

which’s destined to blow soon like bombs with bad timing/

fuck the autograph signing and all ‘em superstar shining/

Y'all go do some fact finding and stop jacking wikipedia/

We sure can't trust the media, follow and let me lead ya/

with lyrics that won't wither, thanks to em well wishers/

i bring back the godfearing spirits out of non believers/

putting yall on the right direction like clarence peters/

we’re grown ups and a team of achievers not dead beaters/

we rhyme kickers, puffing reefers / true ghetto leaders/

taking a hold at the pen with the Gold-en touch of Midas/

Nas told you to watch them niggas... that's close to you/

scheming about smoking you, shit.. but suppose it's true/

i know what's best to do, they all talk with no testicle/

i took the fight to em upfront right up in the vestibule/

shooting them wild animals down, leaving the rest to you/

beef's come home to roost, they bodies posted to the zoo/

head's cut into two, now that's what i call a murder rap/

words send cold shivers down spines like a thun-der clap/

i put IB back on the map wit skills that aint farfetched/

Running 100bars at a stretch while you bitches overslept/

i terrorize the set but ya still dont wanna show respect/

Ark’s a certified undergod, even them masons will accept/

we make stars trek like Yo! son, you gotta walk the walk/

before you even be allow to talk, get on top the asphalt/

and be outlined in chalk, Guess you done run out of luck/

i drop a dragon seed on the good earth like Pearl S Buck/

Got heads of state in shock while you pretend to survive/

this a little bit something for yur so much dreaded life/

i bed ya newly wedded wife, leaving you to change sheets/

no words to explain shit, like sheek, my flow's so slick/

i break the electric trainspeed, make it rain snow sleet/

even Olgs grab bites cos they never heard a rap so sweet/

they came onboard to show luv to me, the brain behind it/

Yo! rewind it to the old school when youths aint blinded/

when we steadily drop jews to enlighten them lame minded/

comin with a charge strong enuff to restrain the violent/

Yeah sure, you got rights but it's 4 u to remain silent/

Your girl won't let you touch breast, if i ain't sign it/

bar's wielded hot, you get burnt if you tempted to touch/

It's hard to keep the urge like vampires thirsty 4 blood/

mcees choked off the mic cord when they see my mic works/

hope ya don't get me wrong, welcome to my fantasy world/

where we kill them tight verses with the gift of tongues/

we pull stunts, doing this each and every twelve months/[

switch to reality dog cos we ain’t playing the same game/

Get wit the program, you the mini pc, i be the mainframe/

I came out all brand new but you still the same ol' same/

A dilly dally, silly sally... fronting with a gold chain/

Hip-Hop's truly concerned about my dream like the HTC G1/

cos if it’s Good Music, that's the kind uv shit we be on/

the type of drug we OD’d on and draw our inspiration from/

I’ve been rhyming for Donkey years, to put an eon/

Say, you got some dope lines, okay then, make we see one/

i prayed to the almighty Father 'let them fakes be gone'/

look down and see God, what the Hip Hop state has become/

them scrape the bottom of the barrel, sure the rape’s on/

nigga wanna step up to me and got half of his face, gone/

cos they can't escape me, sun, I'm outta this place, one/
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