never ending naija cypha...


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Tue Nov 04, 2008 3:45 pm

Rhyme Basic 101

Class in session now, Son

n fuck the sunny forecast

its RAINDROPS on ur ass

Son be nimble

or feel the sting regardless how many thimbles

cover ur fingers

dont ack fake like fights in Jerry Springer


except BAD WEATHER's in town

then its aight to stay indoors

beware the flood n leaky floors

sorry,leaky ceilings

ur last card should be the most revealin

never Half Step

put enemies in earth like a seedling

In times of beef

apply heat to whoeva's Chief

the Indians will scatter

recall Outlaws n Junior Mafia?

but close that chapter

we here to improve ur skills son


study they bars,get they tapes

hold on wait;

Kyt or Barstool;

essential tools like AUXYGN

they shit will man u up

faster than spirit on ur chin

gotta stay fit

learn the ropes


u can give'em props

but no tongue in ass kinda stunts

cos Rap abhors GAY

practice everyday

ur turnin good when dudes say

"I WISH I WROTE THAT" about ur wordplay

last nugget for ur purse

e'rybody done dropped a wack verse

this here is mine, CHURCH!!

now u know why dem stars at my feet like converse...

BAD WEATHER's in tha building...
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Tue Nov 04, 2008 7:24 pm

Look up above you thats the definition of sickness!

You gotta take cover cos bad weather's got you scared shit~less

We possess lyrical fitness with bars that hold weight

Get rid of us never that we don't die we pro~create

Son be nimble!!!

Act swole and get popped up like a pimple

pause with that shit we reach out to people who love the classics

We O-G son not past it~ we history in the making

preordained since your grandpa's grandma was fly naked

yet still high maintenance we got this from the get-go

check solomon and david other MC's from the A.D's

we nice with the pages and not bad with the ladies

Never Jack a nigga quotes cos we swear by every stroke

of the pen or keys basically no photocopies

we hush puppies like you with the way we throw-down with ease

you don't believe thats why you get it twisted like a weave

lord forgive my blasphemy but you relate with our position

when your lord above the rest and still don't get no recognition

til its kingdom come mufuckas is done for

me and my niggas lord fed y'all and put the cypha on the fore

dig deep to the core, hiphop's of the essence

I have addressed 'em I'll leave 'em to your care go on and bless 'em....

:arrow: mic's passed
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Wed Nov 05, 2008 9:13 am

go on and bless em
I bet those morons were shocked at ma presence/

Cos i push shit off the limit to the very dead ends/

Takin advantage of mcees innocence/

Like a thief having sex wif a princess/

Props to all the older g's spittin the truth to em real heads/

Let's deviate more lost minds from all the bullshit we've heard/

n give our dear hiphop a new look like a disguised fugitive beard/

No mc can do this rap shit better than us/

We pack pens n pads back to ahh campus/

Neva ending~naija~that's where we taking class/

Aint no faking ours/

Am trading bars wif world-leading lyricist/

Dominating all playlist, spittin raw shit the way it is/

Africanhiphop empire, we godfathers to the cypher's networks/

Boi, no need to tell y'all anymore~arkmed rocks/

Island(I land) flows~causin major attraction~like tours to bahamas/

Bob ya head, cos this rhymes will make you wanna go bananas/

I keep words in motion like a ball juggler/

You and i is like khaki and leather which one's tougher/

Step into our world where cops friend thieves/

Mic is tha only get-a-way to achieve our set objectives/

I twist em mcees vocal chords n got all your tongue tied/

Punchlines kickbox'd you, n leave your third eye broad view cock eyed/

I storm wacks, so tha rest of you scumbags could understand that/

Am a world class mc that's up to stand hard(standard)/

I strap em toughguys n stand back/

At a reasonable pace, waiting for you suckas to blow/

Bitch, i'll make you feel the PAIN IN THE ARSE like FIRE IN THE HOLE/
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Thu Nov 06, 2008 9:38 pm

I know its been a minute since I've been on here, so excuse me in advance if I have more to say than you can read, its what happens when you get that spark again...much luv

~check it~

Correct!~the cypha is back!

Flows, check!/Yep!~niceness intact

Rhyme archive price-less~like visa ads

rap Heist-men~to tha cyph man! (don't need to ask)

Call us, "Gimmie the mic men!"

Day-time dice them~just to avoid the vick rule

Turn clumbsy rappers to pit food

Rip tunes/that rumble like Sun Tzu

Beef?!~dinner, breakfast & lunch too

Leave weak mind-states deceased (never duel)

Walk around with an over-sized/

waist-line for creeps/(how rude,lol)

Presume with goon techniques

Employed~to leave de-coys as evidence

peep, unique penman-ship on sheets~elegant

Like "Preach!"~44th president~(black man at that!)

General O.B./Commander-in-Chief

Elite rhetoric

My kind, trust~u won't want to meddle with

Lately seldom spit,but switch that


Proceed to verbally bridge gaps

Between the luv for my comrads

Fuhk that!~blood in, blood out

Yo! Oakes my man

Cohiba's are in order~

We gentlemen stick to procedures (trust that!)

three sixty-five days/four quarters

Turn mics into style exporters

Money pile assorters~during economy holds

Take flight~as I recite Kyt like deuteronomy scrolls

Uncertain how verbals feel like bodily blows

Left to NfeelTraita~perpatrators get the E.R.(emergency room)

Spit knives with expressions~that leave scars

Clasically bring bars~but without Aux E.(Moses)

Weak niggaz breathe hard (u chose this)

Get feelings hurt like Roxy

106 & "park" those cosb-y lines

This not comedy time (its time to get serious)

Lobbyist for the g*code~policy climb

Honestly I've~been discouraged at times

Damn your man's hypocricy~I'm honoree with mines 8)

The gig is up~on your day-light robbery

Of rhymes~from another man's genuine wit

Its no secret you need to~leave the vi-cin-ity

Cuz on mics~ya'll make no sense

Like fuhkin' for vir-gini-ty...(i'm silly, i know lol)

All my peoples, whuddup! Its been a crazy year hasn't it?!

But as usual its max luv and respect to all of my peeps. As you can see, its up to us to revitalize the state of affairs in here. Shoutouts to the fresh faces of the cyph, I dey! Its a must we keep holdin it down~Cyph 2 Strong~

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Fri Nov 07, 2008 8:10 pm

wat u did d oda day was an act of fool

komin 2 battle me? u a fool????

an gonna leave metaforikal pain on u like tatoo

lyrikaly ripin out ur guts in full

wit punchlines dat makes u see tins in twos

till u bcom as speechless as a loo

u b wonderin who

its jst MATT getting back at U
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Fri Nov 07, 2008 10:10 pm

Never ending glory, forever writing our legacy in life's great story

Intellegence is in our nature, other are good, we're greater.

Giants of Africa is who we are, we shine both 24/7 like a blazing star.

Everybody knows we got the game on lock, we go swiming to give electric eels and shock.

Rebels and royalty, to our heritage we always show loyalty.

Incredebally always gaining, Naijas are truly amazing.

Africa at heart, Africa at mind, Africa from the start, Africa 4 the rest of time.
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Fri Nov 07, 2008 10:53 pm

yo, call me a genius ~ cos i connect with maths (matt)

starting-off from where he paused ~ i'mma spit it and pass

i aint a prisoner but am always caught behind barz

exercising my wrist and throwing lyrical darts

at ~ kats thirsty for my venom

and i bet u that mine has got no anti-serum

plus am willing to share 'em

with these scared amateurs acting like felons

yo, some say my words scare 'em

like they've seen a six-headed beast from venus

am mortal ~ but i aint when i flow

cos i travel to a realm where humans cannot go

the only spot u cook isht is in the kitchen

while i'm on the internet blessing this page with lyrics

that are doper than what u puff at African shrine

more like, Fela's spirit possessed by rhymes

which explains why headz get high when i rhyme

so like narcotics i guess am affecting the minds...

...yo, i gotta run along now....all the same, y'all keep holding it down!! :)
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Sun Nov 09, 2008 7:22 pm

exercising my wrist and throwing lyrical darts Employed~to leave de-coys as evidence

peep, unique penman-ship on sheets~elegant. Island(I land) flows~causin major attraction~like tours to bahamas Act swole and get popped up like a pimple.put enemies in earth like a seedling . mirror on my wonder wall my wealth's been so well coined

with my initials on the imprint. bein Bill Sykes while dem dudes stay Fagin now there's more panic..

n it aint just at the Disco

am like seeing Arabs wit Rucksacks at Heathrow
so much beautiful cypha activity had to take time out and applaud.Raindrops those were 3 classic posts- u's proving to be quite an adept storyteller, regaling us with medical drama,bringing da ER to the big screen.arkmed be moving on up,truly bringing "fire in da hole".Great to be blessed with an oozy verse-honoree with his,wut it do holmes.and y'all know kyt been doing it "since ur grandpa's grandma was fly naked".Shout out to the logistic rap head fecko!
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Mon Nov 10, 2008 6:31 am

Nfeeltraitor:You said everything that needed to be said.Nice going everyone!!

Raindrops:You rock bruv!

Oakes' Status-Like Caspers,been Swayze,why?they ask us

we Supermen-multitaskers,one part broadcasters

One part Clark Kent sending faxes for our Masters

The Daily Planet and the Daily Bugle,we gotta be frugal

see cos time is crucial,we Russian(rushing)things like the Ruble

cos da doo-doo hit the fan and dudes been screwed since and youthful

exuberance aint worth two cents,the shrewd do things beautiful

too Blunt for James,Son of the same God that gave Dupont his brains

dudes fussing over cotton the dude wants his chains

this slaves are vultures and the two hunt remains

Oakes write his own budget,leaving coupons in flames

Black death ask Macbeth who stomped through Dunsinane

My flows spirits the minds eyes even the skies no limits

see men say my D.N.A's fly with no helix my biros anti physics

my lyrics-hie-ro-glyphics- fiery verse that even Pyro mimics

Shucks,the Ku Klux foretold the nigga uncontrolled

one in the hole- hole in one struck from the north pole

the golden son- 9 lives and more soul,analyzed in one go?

thats a NO-NO that ship wont sail,that cat wont jump

so before your skipper fails facts facts Im no chump




Everyone:Not sleeping on any skills,major props to y'all.
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Mon Nov 10, 2008 3:15 pm

Hahaha, U wanna step 2 Naija,thats un-needed stress

We're so ill with it, we'll scare Jason x to death.

The sounds of our rampage will drown out your screams,

We will take over over elm street and kill freddy crooger in his dreams.

U haters talk so much crap, but nobody's listening.

your hardesr man over here will get old skool disciplined.
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