never ending naija cypha...


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Tue Aug 28, 2007 12:29 am

[quote name="teckzilla"]

been in mega drive since the genesis

stand alone in my zone,rae man's my only nemesis

always remain,am the same.teck,here to reclaim

spots,push u out the picture..u get de-framed

the way i source mics,unprecedented with the lingo

switch to spanish like, mire!donde esta mi amigo?


nice one chief!!
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Tue Aug 28, 2007 9:22 am

the upper echelon is up for a fall,as i topple the fulcrums

of the props they sit on,it's a tropical storm u prairie dogs should run,

Aerosols of tear gas,will soon be up in ur lungs
NfeelT, lets go ahead and put that cheech and chong on em~

Toke to their funeral rites~its no lie I decrease drama~rates

Put loose cats in they~place

Now they quick to turn Lama~rip wack lines, like tax-time problems

Oozy's raps, burn laps~loopin' obvious brain gaps

On cats~With an inventory of words~

That stack thin like wave caps

This gent here embodies~properly, Naija's creation of dual-opoly

Though competition seems weak~obviously

Their labels ain't blossomin'

quit already... Geeeeeeeeeeez.

Got online agents who like~boppin' & gossipin'

And get a kick out of~"ball" swallowin'

Play b!tch round me~and i'll "full-throttle" in

News is U like it on your knees~

Hey, u can be my "triple-X" model friend 8)

Shyt!, tell Sauce his homie Oozy

Is bumpin' that eldee mix~right now

Tight sounds, flows brought crown-etiquette

To da way Naija boi's get down

From Houston to Conneticut

Naija boi's are gettin' it~swift NY embezzlements

Metals gripped~sturdy...ask LA!?

So balance is in the re-coil~early

Surely, you're in love with glass pipes

To say we not rock-in AHH pure-ly/
metallic thots iron horse type,if am bad,u are the worse type

if am wack,u the i dont need the words type

the way i source mics,unprecedented with the lingo

switch to spanish like, mire!donde esta mi amigo?
Grand royal release of jams~yeah the clan leaves necks crippled

Naija-cypha brings underground ripples~fuhk sound effects

My thoughts mold and flex~your own

Call it my muscled inner zone

Flows do bout 550 on~ bench press

Tread-mill freshen-up the finess

Mae Day!~Another mc in distress~get em Teck!

Guess them left chess manouver's

Left indents on a couple uv~mentals

Do fools like Krueger

Their "elm street" is nursery rhyme central

Not meant to grab mics~

Five-fifths their possession is~accidental

Or maybe illegal~may need to read you

Your rights over instrumentals

Cuz them garbage lines you meant throw out

Certainly ain't doin' the trick

Like Mike Vick~might as well toss the rest of your life to the "pit"


On the real man, cats are comin' correct, got me zonin'hard on some illa type spits

Goodness gracious! the cyph is leakin' out sick like thermal runs...much luv \gWg/

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Tue Aug 28, 2007 8:11 pm

Five-fifths their possession is~accidental

Or maybe illegal~may need to read you

Your rights over instrumentals
donde esta mi amigo?

poco a poco,like 50 i got a chokehold

to grip the game..screaming loud like que paso?

esta noche,i will be rocking on the d-low

back in the trenches with cats..hasta luego
Dude,u got any spare spanish mamis men, i could use some latina love right now.
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Thu Aug 30, 2007 9:42 am

that picture depicts a naija gangsta executing the yahooze step....

@ nfeeltraita

me self dey find spanish muchacho.....took spanish and japanese languages when uni was on strike back in da about joblessness

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Sat Sep 01, 2007 8:01 pm

homies up in here still blowin this joint to smithereens.... damn...... sure can say i'm missing out.... word!!!!
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Sun Sep 02, 2007 3:47 am

perfected is my flow cuz its far from mistakes/

in battles u bond 2 lose but i share an opposite fate/

start wit a line like the beginning in a start of a race/

like rednecks inbreeding yall find it just 2 hard 2 relate/i

m a true mc sparrin wit greats when i die a ghostwriter is wat my coffin will say/

while cats are gased up tryna arson ur grave/i

m proud 2 be part of a religion like john the carpenters fate/

hip hop got the old generation startled amazed/

first off cuz how much profit it made/

but mostly how they boast about bein locked in a caged/

lost in a maze of dope users wit no future i often lost my thoughts on the page/

but found it inscripted thru the margins that i plot wit a phrase/

corrupt the thread like the money that our parliment makes/

while anr's eat rite whil they market off fakes/

the underground keeps boomin thru woofers even tho they wallets deflate/

i hope most of yall will connect wit the psallms that i say/cuz on the real we all in heart are just slaves
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Mon Sep 03, 2007 2:34 pm

/when it comes to ripping mics/

/i arise to the the occassion like my dick do when i c a beautiful chic up in the nude/

/at a point of satisfaction i spew something ill that is sure 2 stick 2 u/ :lol:

/i cant help but b sexual when talking bout the mic/

/coz they say what i say is bad but it feels so right/ :lol:

/okay i flow like a river which means u can either/

/ be immersed in my sea of words my depth is just superb/

/or get carried away by the rhythm that i apply to what i've written/ :!:

/so when peeps want me 2 write they shit i know what they 'FISHING' for/

/they're looking for really raw hot shit that sukers would wanna 'BITE'/

/my pen is an bad asylum holding crazy bars that lets a few ones loose giving emcees scars/ :evil:

/the years i put into this shit suckers dont have a clue, they look @ me think they could do what i do/

/Okay try and do what i do u ridiculous fool, u'd look like a toddler tryna walk in his daddy's shoe/ :lol:

/sky's the limit am @ an all time high, bcos of where am @ men i've gotta look blue/ (think about it, its an oxymoron lol)

/everything that i put in these pages r accurate/

/so go ahead and fuck with me if its death u contemplate/ :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

/i rip mics and rip bars/

/thats the reason that they call me RIPSTAR/
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Thu Sep 06, 2007 6:36 am

I offload my stress on the pad

subliminals fly,my name in em ,yall glad im yet to go off on d lad/

flo legit,illest title i hope to merit,leave yall stuck in a pit(Pitt) like Brad/

these lames got me contemplating-miseducation? or insanity? like Clef n Pras/

meat beaters,producers is beat lifters,call me GRILL so close to the teeth(tit) brawds asking where i left her bras/

my state of mind's alliance with a pen creates a perfect government/

My body cant complain,like Nadal injured but still won d tournament/

Never at the ends of extremes-lyrically the firmament/

negative-to positive,this kid neutral/

i get d instrumental n d cut,grab a pen n bleed new tracks/

Knowlege on wax,keepin brains in tact like a suture/

im d present like a gift,btwn the past n d future/

Like a Bar magnet,i stay bi polar/

even rock fans n emos,get the hiphop feel when dey next to me, my meta4s radiate like dey solar/

soundscan's low,no body sellin records,so why dumb down the flo?

As my bars elevate through the arms of the body of HipHop,these lames jump down to toes!

still not there

back to show the kid still kick it

Props errone!
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Fri Sep 07, 2007 2:33 am

so bear witness to the finess as i dumb it down/

the game's "dark" i "lighten" like thundersounds/ ******

.......or nicole richie my palm itchy from mic flow buff like 4 50's/

let me paint a picture of the brainless......

brush made of "steel" no skill so they canvas is "stainless"/

blackface with a race traced to the place man's born stump speech steady screaming out "i'm famous"...../

deer* a muthafucka then i turn em' into road kill....leave a nigga stirring at his part's "whose the vainest"??.../ *****

Niggers want cheques............./

Master give em' "whip" and a "chain" for a noose, then he put em' on a ship/

so I dumb it down when i rap about connecting u 2 drips................................yes evrytime i'm *rapping* it's a gift/ *****

they saw us over-board and moved for-ward to red like Taurus.....**** black get shells like shores ****/

but all the blood spilled turned our blue skies grey like yours.......pain gave us double tones like chords****/

so on my next verse.......................when i dumb it play imma drop 2 lines

like "pause" ******
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