never ending naija cypha...


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Thu Jul 13, 2006 11:05 pm

I get no feed-back anytime I make a drop on a gimmick/~s'why I stay hungry like a nigga who hasn't muched in a minute/~my flowz stay tainted/~muthafuckas be spittin see-throughs/~we make sense others make noise like them nollywood previews/~we scope niggaz and hope niggaz don't get the movement twisted/~cypha has evolved like the galaxy when planets revolve/~we involve mute niggaz and give 'em a little more to speak off/~in times of weakness we got energies niggaz can feed-off/~we like bad stains on garments simply hard to get rid-off/~I speak of the niggas keeping it real thats representing with us/~we burst .. the realest shit my God its ridiculous/~we best known as the most wanted microphone criminals
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Fri Jul 14, 2006 4:55 pm

Yeah yeah yeah, yo Kyt, I felt the 'Travellin Man' Vibe.

Lets go!!

We runnin laps on these threads like we wearing Mic-Airs// (Nike-Airs)

hundred percent alcohol, most folks are like Lite Beers//

fuck makin sense, I throw random words out like 'Light Years'//

rap Stars, we never have "Is it gonna be tight?" type fears//

top of the dome, we freestyled till mama was callin us home//

now we freestyle Colateral at the banks for loans//

and u can bet ur last dollar/ I'll blast past till ur last caller//

and out-class ur fast baller/I rap taller//

my raps get passed out to cats in class like course papers//

I cause capers/ I kick in doors like 'by force' rapers//

I paid my rap dues, I got the court papers//

I'm all about the now and Not laters//

dont give a flyin fuck about the Aux haters//

cos when push comes to shove they really all Aux raters//

and I'm big in they books like my waist size's equators//

they do NOT fade us/ u feel me/ they do not shake us//

we stay doing what we do best like Las Vegas//

way Igbo but I rep Lagos/ u want Hip-hop land we got acres//

Me n my team, we're flow givers and respect takers//

inspect ur cypha cos we check fakers//

tryin to make money,let not the money make us//

Hopin the Big Man dont forsake us//

cos we got that Inner Light like Mic Quakers//

peep the views man, we're flight takin mic shakers//
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Sat Jul 15, 2006 2:47 pm

nice spit aux................naija reppin dis
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Sat Jul 15, 2006 7:21 pm


miss a word and watch ma ink spill venom in-your-face,

Naija cats still blazing, hell's losing its heat,

we Macho men flexing muscles, while y'all be swinging your feet,

we rap ICONS in here, y'all haters just a bunch of psychos,

RAP be hitting DEL keys, for all'em punk ass typos,

AUXYGN(oxygen) rocking GREEN and WHITE colours, others be gasping for breath,

fuck marriage vows, better or worse i'ma rep naija in life and death.
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Sat Jul 15, 2006 8:22 pm

from west africa, i surf the net-seas.... it's like am nautical

siege's destined for the stars.... sky's da limit/ cos my thots are astronomical

spit shit..... then am hunting you/ acid laced spits.... guaranteed they goin be burning u

am bout to start a rap school/ come get your forms here

but niggas so whack , learning to get dope is gonna grow em long hairs

i rep K.D, ph city..... and Lasgiddy,

got luv for ma loyalty sworn niggas/ nothin forgeting cheeks thats pretty

i rap grizzly......... metaphors giving bear hugs/

listen to my flows and get filled like public bar beer mugs,

word out to em true playas/ this cypha's on the grill

dont wanna cross nigerian borders/ we got tigers on the hill

i gotta stop/ not cos my pen's outta ink,

but this site gotta lotta whack shit....... so i gotta head for the sink (to clean up)

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Sun Jul 16, 2006 10:10 pm

:twisted: Woe B unto Whosoeva Say Naijanarianz Kant Rapppp, I Think Y'all R Gud.

Keep Up da Spiritz Bro, One Luv. :lol:

Whatzup Siege, Howz it Rap Addict? :twisted:
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Mon Jul 17, 2006 7:31 pm

Kuhum!-Kuhum!...let me clear my throat...ok

~check it~

Been a long time comin~back here just to “stretch-out”, then take the “west”-route

Right round these dummies/

Its no secret that the (MF)magor factor [/size]is money(Del, keep husslin’)

My life denominates the ends~so eventually I end-up livin’ life str8 comfy

Plush lands for me and the fam~bar stand in the pad stacked with exotic brands of bubbly

My state-of-mind feels love-ly~Oops! Another freestyle leak’d out!/

I’m back at the “peak” now~so suddenly/

Its true us GDub dudes is rugby~Too hard to budge me/

Trust me, the budget I’m tryin’ to maintain~is on an increase monthly

Though little its on a sucka-free basis/

I’m afraid my lungs might suffer from asbestos-cakin'~from my long basement du-rations/

While wastin’~more than enough time required to design~genuine style with no traces/

Or cases~Big faces are my preference~when it comes to the currency’s statement/

Veteran with greatness on the mic~plus Igbo betterment to the insight/

Of lifes entirety~manoozy aka “variety while keepin’ it tight”/

For this site, for the crew, for green-white-and –green~Ooz stays keepin’ it true/

For a cause worth holdin’ down~the biggest come-up hip-hop might ever “view”/

I stay “gracin’-malnourished” minds like traditional Sundays~with the “rice and stew”/

Send u back-off to “bible-school”(get it?!)/If u scared of the way our rifle-shoots/

Lyrical disciple'd troops~gWg-militia takin’ over microphone booths/

Steel-toe on the Tim-boots~strapped high, leave the tounge loose/

No need to brag-about it~got a different opinion lets debate about it/

Its ok to shake about it~after you call truce(lol)/

Cuz word on the street~is me and my peeps treat the mic like~D-bo on Fri-day body-slammin’ lame-rhymin’ like Zues /

Ain't nuthin' changed~still here with the peeps! Just handlin' mines u feel me 8)...lets go!
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Mon Jul 17, 2006 7:38 pm

In one word, DAMN! Flow of the week rite there yo. Month sef!!! You should have seen me nodding my head to it, feeling the flow wit no beat!!!! DAMN!!!!!
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Mon Jul 17, 2006 9:06 pm

been battlin with some cats, if o cope a time i'll post up on this. naija be comming hard, we lockin this...

hei, rapaddict, the trade is set, post ya ish to linkris amma do mine soon. love y'all.
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Wed Jul 19, 2006 12:10 am

this other cats got balls that store full-blown oestrogen/

we fly lyk kyts, breathin molecules of pure auxygn/

Black_Cat has opened the scripts, let the apocalypse begin/

still defeactin in ur mouth and still you can't spit ma shit/

we heartless c, ziik lyk we got hepatitis b/

suppress ur lips with dis whilst i hit u wit da wrong fist/

if we fucked u in the ass, we still wouldn't feel ur shit/

your shit is weak lyk u been constipatin 4 4 weeks/

lyrically u cant contest so don't even test ur faith/

else sign ur death certificate with the devil as a date/

we besiege your strongholds, whilst the kid konnects/

multiple assaults with manoozy, we rap addicts spittin techs/

the Black_Cat spits a mean rap and makes u relapse/

sits back n has u transmittin signals lyk a synapse/

we robbin hoods, givin the poor the loot/

so let me be excused as i spit the truth/
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