never ending naija cypha...


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Fri Jun 25, 2010 11:29 pm

[quote name="apopyalips"]u improving bro.[/quote]

lol..ain't we all? i appreciate the props still...

[quote name="never ending naija cypha"]

I keep holding IT down like I placed a pronoun

on the floor, plus i'm a pro now

i rep da symbol like i was an exclamation mark

i end ya sentence with a red dot and a rifle snout/

ma rhymes is the matrix of realness

watch me inject back the ethics to the newness//

this thread is filled with more sickness than hospital wards

keep flowin' toxic...i'll look for~ward to more venomous words[/quote]

forget the guccis, pradas & louis vuitton

self esteem and power that's what i put on

how come def (deaf) catz hear me when i rap?

you see that's the strange thing about hiphop

to me this rap isht is like ABC,

perhaps cos am DEF..u dig?

I'm done battling with humans

now i yearn to trade verses with aliens, am so inhuman!

I don't spit a line, I drop novels

my script's all about my grind and hustle

fuck 9 to 5 - i do 5 to 9

though never resorted to a Mack or Nine

Life's so cold, am an eskimo

So i gotta stay hot, it's best u know

let my poetry beat the drums of ur hearts

and ur soul dance to the rhythm, it's a wrap!

Nfeel T, Oakes, Ik Slick, Kyt, arkmed...all my souljahz...where y'all at? And yo, K'Naan if you're reading this, would love to see you kick some lines on the cypher. I'm back now fam, been away making dope musique n all. The cypher ain't dead...can't find her name on the epitaph!

Boyz are not smiling!
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Sun Jun 27, 2010 4:10 pm

yo feck, ur definitely improving, nice spits.

u mean the real K'Naan? is he coming to Naija anytime soon? dude is sick. Would love to see him do something with Ka-Os or Talib Kweli..
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Sun Jun 27, 2010 9:34 pm

[quote name="Xblaze"]yo feck, ur definitely improving, nice spits.

u mean the real K'Naan? is he coming to Naija anytime soon? dude is sick. Would love to see him do something with Ka-Os or Talib Kweli..[/quote]

Thanks my dude! Yeah, I'm talking of K'naan the Troubadour! He's currently on a world tour, and of course, ain't knew to him! Heard his most recent lyrics on DISTANT RELATIVES by Nas & Damian Marley. Dope!!
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Thu Jul 08, 2010 12:33 am

Wow....alotta madness in this mur'fucka.... Shoutout to every emcee/netcee keying...niceness!!
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Thu Jul 08, 2010 9:37 pm

K'nnan and Ka'Os? that's not happening anytime soon. them dudes i guess are still beefing for territory reasons lol
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Wed Jul 28, 2010 9:32 pm

lots o ishh happening... feels like am missin out... yo bros/..... wats poppin amigos
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Fri Jul 30, 2010 8:46 pm

Naija-man retruns to the never ending cypha

I look down on the eagles coz I'm flying higher,

Nigerian style it gives the people a thrill

We're so cool, we give polar bears the chills..
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Fri Aug 06, 2010 3:51 pm

my tech hold sway like the dudes in wake up show/

and you can say~imma boss like Ross cos i got so/

Many Niggas/ feelin my joint~even hoes also/

cos am the first to/~give heads a real manifesto/

Y'all solo~cos we SHOOT UP crews~like mafioso/

while we walk the hard walk~y'all be takin a stroll/

like south korea capital~my lyrics got Seoul/soul

the crown's mine~Gee~give back what you stole/

i invest cos i was told~you'll reap what you sow/

SO my paper better stow/ or I'll burn y'all slow/

Emcees too wannabe nice~but lacks his charisma/

talk of talisman/ i work~like cadishma/ padishma/

no YY~but maga still dey pay~cos mo lenu bi ibon/

it's mr Olowo idan~pullin rabbits outta ya hat/

i frap mics into a wrap~yeah~this kid's born to rap/

Since birth~i've been blessed with the gift of gab/

MC's feed yall crab~puttin yall all up wit them crap/

even though~they drawn the game a long way back/

Imma act like an entrepreneur~and bridge d gap/~

i get back to the lab/ deliverin a lyrical jab/

who let the cat out the bag/ u assholes zig zag/

& zip zap~but imma bust the clips out the mag/

cos if it comes to the wire~we'll jump the barb/

swag?~no! i prefer to preserve my right to brag/

for one kill~i got about a million different ways/

ve been doing this~all year round~fuck 365 days/

shit's most definite cos we put too much skills in it/

catch me~bitch~while am over-doing the speed limit/

sorry i broke your heart now~later imma come win it/

I show up a moment~and be gone like the next minute/

cos i'm lyrically out of space like the l.o.x ghost/

go ahead~play chicken~we gettin your ass ex-pose/

Yes o~i guess so~Your biting somebody else's flows/

I put on fresh clothes/~stompin wiv my street esco's/

cos We here to sex hoes/ bangin them nasty girls most/

bring the drinks~and let's get toast like the west coast/

i don't give a eff~if this shit strikes someone's raw nerve/

but~fuck his girl friend~this pussy nigga Mom I.L.F/ I'd like to fuck

fuck yeah~Imma get some~cos her big ass drop like bam/

one luv to my bitch~and the sex makin~ops we both ran/ HipHop's 4 Lyf

Ya right man~i keep shit permanent like Milton Friedman/

there's no end~to what's comin out this lyrical stronghold/

I sip legend~cos i still like havin my beer strong bold/

but now i'm evergreen~cos i've been puffin that sensimila/

we the real shit~you fertilize~just sumthing similiar/

fuck the yayo~i already got you OD'd on these dope lines/

now lay low~cos we busting MCs just like old times/

i hold nines/ layin my palm wide open to the heat/

Nigga~yall go get some teeth~am nada to play with/

it's don dada~steppin right with the~walking stick/

fuck that shit~if your bitch ass wanna be talkin slick/

Yall betta watch your mouth~before you cop a stitch/

or imma pop this chump~cos this rapo~cop's a snitch/

it's glarin~you should know by now~am fuckin sick/

Get up my fellow cypherians ...go for the switch/

One luv to everyone, it's been a long time but i think comin back is sweet and nice

Fecko Keep Doing What You Do, You the next to wreck this forum site, brah!!!
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Wed Aug 25, 2010 12:27 pm

In a Time Warp Transport From The Past To This Future

I'll sew ya eyes shut with thread and Rip tha Sutures

I'll stand on a fence with my dick out piss on ya Picture

Would Really Like to tie you to that Cashew Tree and Shoot Ya

Smile @ Pretty Ladies,In They Face let off the bazooka

Dont rock Ice,But Like Austin Laz couldn't find a kid Cooler

This Mic I Trust,Stick My Enemies Up Like Suya

Bet I Bust On Any Scene,Gidi to Chatanooga

2010 and he is still repping.....The Moderator,rhyme-stigator.Annihilator...shout outs to the Vets,and those NewBies who keep the forum alive
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Sat Sep 04, 2010 10:23 pm


Damn~fuckya rite of passage~i surely know my way in/

Deem this an undertakin~or history in the makin/

Day in~day out~i'm improvin my ish~ur just hatin/

there's no debatin point~I deserve d 5 mics ratin/

Shit's bakin hot~cos we run things like BRO in staten/

No shakin~u go drop ur bombs~we gon stick to our guns/

if rap's track n field~i'd ve made some pretty cool runs/

Word! pass it to the unborns~cos they beautiful ones/once

Don't ask me shit~g~am on a SHIP IT RIGHT NOW parole/

It's d 9th month and we already singin christmas carole/

i smoke ya ass like blunts~damn~it's fire ina d hole/

Aint no stoppin my flow~i grab Mic'Phones~n split rivers/

Our shit differs/~cos we run this town like street divas/

We chimney Niggas smoke spliffs n reefers/ fuck unbelievers/

We throw money in d air~like yeah~God loves a cheerful giver/

Who in hell can picture a have not turnin to a big spender/

We used to tap video sender/ doing dirt like Vocal Slender/

That's how far i remember~lyricist lounge~am now a member/

Fuck they die hard fans/~i serve em wacks~a lifetime ban/

Before u get KO'd wit d left~first try my right hand man/

What about him~Pharah? well~he get mouth like a bottle/

WHAT? Me~when required~I can go fast on em~full throttle/

Dont need to spell it for you~me & him~we double trouble/

Quit?~no wayyy~like MC HAMMER, we way too legit/ check it/

I end my line of credit/ and left my bank account emptied/

Baby~I just can't help it~money burn holes in my pocket/

Fuck it~I study hard~cos I starve for paper like a bookworm/

but down in d street/~I only need heat to keep my food warm/

Though we won't get another~but we makin this one good turn/

True son~I done walk in this shoe so long~my fuckin foot burn/

Dope man lyrics~I deal em like am playin blackjack or Pokemon/

Still wanna bring it on~After all that's been said and done/

It better be a joke man/ i rock shows from here to oakland/

spittin til my lungs thirsty~so go get me a coke can/

Sum'thing i kick wiv my homeboy Pharah on FB.

Just thought~why not use the flame to light the torch in here.
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