never ending naija cypha...


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Fri Feb 27, 2009 2:50 pm

Inspired by self (listening to Faze's "Originality)...

Motivated by Oakes the motivational speaker...

They at daggers "drawn", I'm what they want 2B like pencils

Hit the books, "The Art of War"? I penned Tzu's

They can't "fork" with my skills like eating utensils

"Father Spooner", I'm the god of rap; they're "pretend Zeus" :lol:

I Hakeem-card-dashin their "dreams", I'm well hung, fool

This cat do all the work, they "phooey" with their kung fu :lol:

Oakes joked me and Ooze be testin his kung fu

We tie cheese ( :idea: tai-chi) to the trap and smash "bricks" with Kung Fu

I make they heirs ( :idea: hairs) stand-up when I "Alibabayeeee"

They can't "joke" with my mic checks if they was Ali Baba..yeah :!:

I'm Oak-land raidin ( :idea: Rayden) and it's more than a game

I'm "finishing" their lives and it's not in the game

They the great wall of China? I break 'em like porcelain

Consequences will be "grave" like where I'll have they posse laying

Niggaz creep cos they hear the boy be bloodthirsty

My flow's the living water; even the Lord thirsty :s hock:

Hakeem-card-dashin their "dreams", I'm well hung, fool*

Hakeem..The Dream...Kim Kardashian, Ray J...y'all dig?
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Thu Mar 05, 2009 7:27 am

Been a long hiatus peoples and 4 dat i apologize, Had to get some things together

Yo nothing but love to those who've been holding it down kyt(birthing cats thru da cypha),oakes(who used to read ovation magazine lol)manoozy (d iron leg patrol- yo wat happened 2 ur leg homie),auxygn(really 16 bars from doing it like HOVA)arkmed(spitting verbal radiations)Barstool(most def not phooey with his kung fu) ickslick,fecko,hiphopis edcucation - soldiers in position on the frontline!
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Thu Mar 05, 2009 11:27 pm

My flow's the living water; even the Lord thirsty
It's raw on gross inspection

Me i no dey force pessin

2 learn hard lessons

Seeking redress 4 wrongs

& bloodletting's not an

option,neither's aggression

No,great one, not by a long stretch &

i'll be ur nurse betty, show u where

the creche is, what time it is?

watch my breitling,u lil cretins

not potty trained,still bed wetting,

Youths are more restive, bent on score settling

decongestants like exedrin aint helping

cos more pressure's building

Far from me to be meddling ,in d interpersonal

i be simply breadwinning, for my brethren

Blest is he not offended in me

I'm like a jesuit priest dreaming big to

be da next cecil Demille

See me imprinted when credits roll on film

never dead pan or dead beat,

Electric like i'm strung on E

Need no moby to techno cell(sell) this

on some wet wet wet"love is all around" ish

Y'all going down, like confederate flags

frequently fly but with no jet lag
dj blackbone
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Fri Mar 06, 2009 12:22 pm


It's d kid "Lejendary" 4rm the EverBlazin South...

and i'm the King up in it, I aint no street Tout...

Cut tha "king of tha south" crap 4 a stick a foot in ur mouth...
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Fri Mar 06, 2009 12:53 pm

[quote name="nfeeltraita"]Y'all going down, like confederate flags

frequently fly but with no jet lag[/quote]

If first class be dead~glad

as long as in my cabin I got with me thoughts and pen~pads

to put down words of logic that's brollic stacked speech in ten~bags

this buttah~milk treatment reminiscent of chicks

going on trips/~ cliquing with ten~fags

and keeping with the trend they sleeping with they friends and pen~pals

me, sleeping with the pen

sipping on gin in the gent's isle

spitting from within on what I believe I'm a gent~ile

the spiritual father's step~child my pen~style

is what these lame critics tend to term foul

they squirm mines, what do i do I respond with a firm smile

and switch up the flow sit on my dough you know the jeb~style (Ijebu stand up!!)

i'm from the west side guess our style's gritty(greety) eas~illy

I fuck's with the committee luv it when we kick shit

here's the sequel(SQL) I'm unique selected distinct~ly

from the cypha gods you savi~ola

I'm messi lionel/~ I does it world class on a reg

so EFF Ronaldo like Marlon Brando

this here is the god-father of cyphas

where poets lingo~ fight with freedom writers for their titles

a clash of titans with tightness

that make you tag your favorite MC a hot mess

cos they not in the like~ness/~...

we really are 'the shit'

but you, you 'just mess'

in the spirit of the cypha i guess its hoodknight

and godbless!!

i'm from the west side guess our style's gritty(greety) eas~illy - Y'all know Yoruba people greet too much!! :D
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Fri Mar 06, 2009 4:47 pm

My Naija style is so cool, I give polar bears the chills

My vibes are so heavy, I make the oceans over-spill...

My flows rains immaculate dey disrupt the 7seas.

I express my complex thoughts with the greatest of ease

I'm sharp with my mannerisms; dey even sting killer bees

My expressions and quites sharp dey slice amazon trees.

Naija's legacy shall go on milleniums after 2moro

Our name shall climb high like the tree called Iroko

We shall break the minds of haters without using koboko

And ripp out their negativity and leave feeling hollow.

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Sat Mar 07, 2009 3:11 pm

So cool you gave polar bears the chills?

Oakes' flaming!who taught the solar flare its skills?

who 'fished' for words cos he pimped his alveolar gear with gills?

fuck dice give this high roller ferris wheels!

and i'll made heads spin like bad medicine,Im Edison

with the lights on ,touch Oakes,u messing with a Python

able to shed his skin and get his Miami Vice on

get it VICE ON?fuck Balboa Im a Boa Constrictor

Christ the flow-er,parable of the sower with pictures

Yeah I know you push weight I push the richter

Dudes a change agent just call me the Bush evictor

its crucial Mister-Oakes son of Cush is slicker

than axle grease on tracks i blast like black athlethes

aiite nah 5 gats at least,niggas gotsa ask fo peace

rendezvous Spartan Greece ask fo Maxi priest

askin fo Oakes will getcha shattered teeth

one bad Apple-Macs a beast,so relax Capisce?

The PC's a killzone thats where the nerd professor

gives a lil moan and Jekkyl Hydes the word processor

nuff oakes................Enuff!!!!!!lol

some fuel for the flames,"its going down like confederate flags"was too ill to pass up going one up.naija manspolar bear quip did the trick,big up.kyt ki lo n sele?feeling that ish!Nfeel,lol whats wrong with Ovation/u wanted me to say Word up magazine/salt n pepa and Heavy D up in a limousine?eff that,Harry and Aliko could bankrupt Oprah.
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Sun Mar 08, 2009 7:21 pm

Been runing some package on ma education trend.. will drop a a line soon
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Sun Mar 08, 2009 7:37 pm

Huzzling through the Naija South West

Love aint Lockdown since i'm not kanye (West)

Still hotter even while in 20 degree below freezing (point)

On the high-way i keep speeding,FRSC siren boozing

Now at ease when i listened to Free-Way, so give way

I dont put crack in the sack but spit it on d mic

i smoke no dope, i gat scope to get mo~do(Modo ~ Mode 9) More Dough

got fat lyrics than Ricky(Rick Ross) so he got out quickly,

now this is where the situation gets a little sticky.

..... sorry peeps i'm tired, will get back
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Tue Mar 10, 2009 4:17 pm

da ciphers heated up typically da NIger Delta

outsiders see da half coz we Rock like Heltah Skeltah/

these big words crush personas melt-ya-sector

coz we quick to raise arms like "Elect-ya-mayor!!"/

strangle hold on da mic choke da mic check

da cloak is clark kents/my quotes will leave dents/

on adversaries and partakers in lyrical disparity

so wearing ya sunday best will jus make it a Formality//
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