siege vs fahrenheit


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Tue Apr 20, 2010 2:13 am

No,a simile is not a metaphor,they are both figures of speech though so I was taking a comprehensive look at y'all's command of the fundamentals,I apologize, my categorizations were not rigid.

Multis...Im on it.
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Tue Apr 20, 2010 9:19 am

Oakes wat up? Been a long minute. Nice break down on our lines. Nice o u 2 take out time 2 do dis. U really hit d nail on d head wen u talked bout different peops likin our verses. I've always been a jada kiss fan so i prefer d gangsta approach 2 rap. Besides its more easy 2 listen 2. Dnt wanna have some o my fans always keepin a dictionary within reach wen listenin 2 my music. I can do dat complex ish 2 but i believe music is meant 2 take our minds off d complexity o life, so wats up wit u? Wen u hittin dis side o d world? Hey i 4got 2 suggest an enjoyabitity category on d vote
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Tue Apr 20, 2010 4:44 pm

[quote name="Fahrenheit"]Sup oakes

no cocky shit but I think I need to say some stuff before others get their votes in "A simile is NOT a metaphor" as soon as you use a "like" during your illustration it's no longer a metaphor ie I'm sick "like" malaria. This is just a comparison not an actual metaphor but" I'm malaria on a beat" IS a metaphor as it's got a deeper meaning than what it suggests. The first line can be viewed as a punchline but not a metaphor,


thats completely the truth, but i see where oakes was coming from. he was just trying to make it easier categorically.

multis - Men, this one was close, seige went in with nice multis, FAh, came up to speed after a while, ama go with FAH on this one.

complexity- that depeche mode line was nice, (that line was a simile too :wink: ) well Fah got more witty lines bottom line.

flow - Siege, FAH brought it too but siege's flow got me.

audibility- i think both rappers where really clear and coherent, i dont see a winner in this one. maybe FAH by a skin?? Fah's verse was clearer, matter of fact smack-you-in-the-face type wording, i think i enjoyed it better.

metaphors- Siege's verses were laced with SIMILE's though like FAh pointed out,

punchlines- Yeah, siege's last lines were kool but i kinda like the punches that FAH came through with, especially

" f*ck a judas leave em dangling from a crucifix with no remorse and take shots at your eulogist" Nice.

Vote -Fahrenheit.... Seige, your shit is sick bro.

by the way, who made the beat? Its fucking on point ...
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Tue Apr 20, 2010 9:23 pm

yo xblaze. Thanx 4 d vote. Much appreciated. Well if similes count on a verse den i think it shud be a category 2. :P . As 4 d beat, i made it way back in sch. Had 2 dig a couple out and we finally picked dis one. And once again thanx 4 being plain on d vote. Pls voters be plain no favoritism. If u think fah murked me or vice versa jst come out n say it. Remember its all 4 d luv o hiphop. Peace
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Thu May 27, 2010 10:42 pm

is this the only track u guys did? nah..... if i was there, y'all will be recording a mixtape straight up. i will be on it next time. u can listen to my blogtalkradio on [url= ... ckworld</a> my first show wasn't all that but i'll appreciate it if any one will want to be on it. i'll interview em and play his song. just send me the request and i'll fix a show. trust me, i'll have enough traffic on it like lagos main bridge soon. holla, ma e mail? <a href="mailto:[email protected]][email protected][/url]
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