siege vs fahrenheit


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Sun Apr 18, 2010 7:38 pm

friendly audio battle lol

this was a script on the spot joint me and siege did when i popped by his studio

please listen to the track and judge based on

1. multis

2. complexity

3. flow

4. audibility

5. metaphors

6. punchlines

thanks in anticipation of your feedback

link is
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Sun Apr 18, 2010 7:44 pm

homie...... wats the difference btw content and complexity??? same thing if u ask me when u are lookin at it from a rappers point o view. remove that cat plsss

and i must add, my homie fah was at my studios and it was an honor meetin smne from AHH...... nice dude if u ask me.... now pls vote on this...... some friendly ishh only..... produced by me.. aint mixed yet.. still fresh and exclusive to AHH only... hola
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Sun Apr 18, 2010 7:52 pm

Once again I’m /mic checkin/,

Been /side stepping/ fake ass dudes so /I reckon/,

My bars are like a military proto/type weapon/,

Bout to massacre your corpse.. lyrically /dissectin/,

/My lesson/ is strictly on how to /kill a man/,

I end the song…. While u still battling the hook like /peter pan/,

Bet u’ve never /seen a man/-god…..damn am blasphemous,

Punchlines below your belt got u shittin out your anus,

Punchlines—will leave u brainless, punchlines---will leave u aimless

Turn your best rated to a child’s play cos am the menace

Am the shit, this nigga is just /gas to me/,

The rap god, dissin me is a /blasphemy/

Just /ask for me/, I jam like /bad traffic/,

Siege roars like a lion leaves u shakin /jack rabbit/,

I stick like /bad habits/ call me the next /cannibus/,

First round K.O! victory is /unanimous/,

Case closed am the /judge and jury/

Flows suspicious am like alaba /boys at the movies/,

Don’t lose me, I pause the beat so u can /catch up/,

Am like deranged porn stars cos am a /mad fuck/,

Am /gased up/… like a /fighter cock/,

Mention my name and your writers get /writer’s block/,

Am guilty as charged; u innocent like /tuface/,

Bring it on I eat ur beef like it was /fruit cake/.

for your readin pleasure
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Sun Apr 18, 2010 8:19 pm


I switch to stealth mode, infect domes and leave sets blown, bitch niggaz more front less testosterone//

detest clones you're bout as gangsta as depeche mode I'm in the zone encroach flows and get electro-//

-cuted I crave hoes with huge hooters losers stay muted or get maimed with flame shooters//

do this fuck a judas leave em dangling from a crucifix with no remorse and take shots at your eulogist//

we sharp shooters, out-manouver you manouvers yea they outta shape I run circles around squares//

who hotter put your hands in the air but when I let off shots these niggaz fold like convertible tops//

stop fronting dawg ur albums a flop you ain't hot the only spots you rock are the ones you got from chicken pox//

you chill on writers block, we chill where writers write, we writers write shit that'll block what u writers write//

fuck what u writers write u ain't writing right u undersiege when it's siege and Mr Fahrenheit//

no hesitation I splits niggaz like lacerations a million bars in my head... It's like incarceration//

pulse racing with these bars I'm bar raising it ain't track lacing this nigga anihalating//

fuck premeditation I'm deading the competition ......I am sick where's my medication?//
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Sun Apr 18, 2010 9:22 pm

wow, sick verses, gotta get back to this later, siege, flow is sick, ive heard farenheit b4, not bad dude. in a hurry
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Mon Apr 19, 2010 1:07 pm

impressive. i think we need more of audio battles and air out textcees

i hear the beat, the beat is fire.


'i let out shots these niggas fold like convertible tops'. the delivery was mad tight.


'I end the song…. While u still battling the hook like /peter pan' wordplay meta on point like a ladies breast
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Mon Apr 19, 2010 7:22 pm

sup fam, see how y'all killed this beats, i wonder if y'all can do that on mine but fah has proven he could though lol. siege ma man, u back with that ish i use to know u with bro
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Mon Apr 19, 2010 8:25 pm

thanx 4 d luv n d time u guys took 2 read tru, much apreciated. Bolaji, xblaze una 2 much. Apops i neva left, but i gota confes d paper chase n pillin up billz had me goin commercial for a long minute. Ok. Nuf o dat. VOTES PLS!
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Mon Apr 19, 2010 10:59 pm

Both niggas are my mens and all that so I can be honest without starting something.


Complexity,Ama give that to Fah,I splits niggas like larcerations,etc etc a million bars its like incarceration.Lines like about as gangsta as depeche mode,the only spots you rock are the ones from chicken pox.

Flow,ama give that to Siege,the intro especially was precise,if a rapper is able to grab you with the first bar,you are more than likely to pay attention to the rest of the bars,Fah took a while to get going preferring complex wordplay over easy listening(if I can call it that)in the first bars.

Metaphors/*similes is about even,I already talked about Fah but Siege brought it with pearls like 'I jam like bad traffic ,like a deranged porn star cos Im a mad fuck' 'am like a fighter cock' Both rappers were even stevens on this point,*figuratively speaking.

Audibility:This is a tricky one cos the flows were different,Fahs bar structure while complex is vocab heavy so he has less manouvering space than Siege who uses less words and rhymed with a very adept use of the voice over technique,I use a similar ryhme pattern to Fah himself and fix this by editing the lines during voice overs,Fah went for 'dope MC dont you forget it' Siege for 'economy,convenience and control'Slight edge to Siege on this one.

Punchlines:Guilty as charged,you innocent like Tuface ,this niggas fold like convertible tops.Dope,dope,dope.

Verdict:This is supposed to be a audio battle but I dont do battles,it was fun listening to true to life rappers actually putting it down,sometimes we are guilty of being too good at writing and not that blazing on audio,obviously this is not the case here,both of this cats can both write and rap as well,note:this was on the impromptu tip and it was that good!Different parts of the rap will appeal to different heads,peops who love that deep mind bending ish will go Fah,peops who like that sophisticated thugged out ish will go Siege.Simples.Was fun listening.
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Mon Apr 19, 2010 11:53 pm

Sup oakes

no cocky shit but I think I need to say some stuff before others get their votes in "A simile is NOT a metaphor" as soon as you use a "like" during your illustration it's no longer a metaphor ie I'm sick "like" malaria. This is just a comparison not an actual metaphor but" I'm malaria on a beat" IS a metaphor as it's got a deeper meaning than what it suggests. The first line can be viewed as a punchline but not a metaphor,

P.s oakes you didn't vote on multis, will holla atcha soonest
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