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[quote=Rick_D_7thfoulnation post_id=18485 time=1075031564 user_id=752] God Keeps taking these soldiers.... Man Devious I aint ever gonna forget you , or the heated tracks we made while you where out here, I know you readin this too! Im Gonna miss you forever, And I pray that peoples out in Capetown Will learn from this Loss! I keep listenin to your verses and I cant believe your gone..... You will never be Forgotten!!!! :cry: My Deepest Condolences Go out to his wife and daughters and the one on the way... man its hard to accept we always sat and talked about fam while we was in the studio,,,, God Rest His Soul. [/quote]

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Expand viewTopic review:MR. DEVIOUS HAS DIED


by DA GAUTIER »Sat Jan 31, 2004 1:00 pm

man i checked this dude's interviews 'n tracks and i can only say wun thing... RIP Devious !!! this dude was an aspiring talent fo real... he really made sence too...

the world gon' miss you mayn

REST IN PEACE... we know you will


by The Lyrical Butcher »Sat Jan 31, 2004 5:06 am

loosin peeps to sumthing as dumb as this is jus plain reckless and disgracefull...a good soul who actually had mad influence and mad potential is lost for wat.....i jus don't kno mayn....sum of this sh!t is jus

plain stupid..i mean sh!t like this meks people who ain't involved in hip

hop view this culture as a negative trend jus cause sum @ssholes stab

and killed the son of the man they was tryin to rob or wat's sad fukin due and condolences go forth to the van Rooy's

R.I.P Mr. Devious



Why Can't we all get Along - Rodney King