EminEm Diss

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[quote=Loxion post_id=737 time=1070564038 user_id=712] This an EminEm Diss I've written, I'll be releasing it soon in South Africa! Eminem dissed Insane Clown Posse at one of his USA concerts and since I'm a loyal fan (Juggalo as we are called) I thought I might spread the lyrics! Here it goes! [quote] Everybody from JHB, put yo hands up and jump with me, Everybody from JHB, put yo hands up, jump jump, O' no there goes Rabbit, Losin' battles just became a habbit, He sees the finish but can't grabbit, To be honest they should call him Kitten, Cause 99% of his shit is all pre-written, He needs a lesson in dissin', Cause all of 'em keep missin', But yo check it...just listen, He's all cool dissin X to the Z, And representing the 313, But I'm still waiting for him to step to me, I'll chew him up, Spit him out, No doubt, You'll never know what I'm all about, Cause when someone drops, I'll be there like covert ops, Take his spot, Cause I move like the CIA,FBI and KGB, Dont support the KKK, Come drive by an' meet my AK, 47...see your corpse in the morque by 11, You goin' staight to hell...aint no heaven, For you...it's what you knew all the time, 'cept I'm just tellin' you in this rhyme, Your just fake...a pranksta Now this goes out to every thug, hustler and gangsta, Don't let you lady, Listen to Mr. Shady, Its just not good for 'em Isn't that right Slim, We all know that you dont got no clique, Ok..so what you got D, 1 to the 2, But thats not a crew, Thats just mild condition of the flu, If they had to hit anyone, An' if we battle...I've already won, An' when you mess with one juggalo you mess with us all, an'd I'll beat you till you fall, Then spit in your face and kick you in the chest, Now where's your click, Dre and the rest, There was no need to diss Violent J and 2 Dope, Now I'm unleash shit so fast, you won't beable to cope, So you better just pray and hope, An' better start wishin', Cuase Im on a mission, To make you look idiotic, Cause I'm psycotic, You stupid ass baboon, Dont mess with a loon -, a tic, Drop you quicker than I did Reminise Click, You see Slim, your the real bitch, Cause your shit is so funny, it gives me a stitch, An' I'll flick you like a switch, On and off and on again, It's time for I.C.P. to reign, Rule this earth, Beat yo ass back to your birth, When you came out that womb, Shit if you want, we'll mumafy you in a tomb, See, we'll leave you with broken bones and a bruise, But either way you LOOOSE!!!! [/quote] [/quote]

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EminEm Diss

by trae_z »Fri May 07, 2004 3:52 am

hey loxion don't let em get u down aight. if u want dis thabo mbeki. u weren't too bad. i think the best part was the beginning. just keep working hard aight. and keep testing ur rap prowess, cos to be the best, u gots to sweat.

EminEm Diss

by DA GAUTIER »Sun Dec 07, 2003 2:29 pm

damn Damu , you got more punch lines in dat one then loxion had in his battle :D wicked :twisted: