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[quote="Leteacher Sol'e Amer" post_id=108050 time=1342866066 user_id=7605] Wzup FAM ? Ppl still coming back here... 1 time for 237 hip hop. I be the Teacher AMER - my Words 'r the next element predicted to bring the game to the next level. [url=""][/url] [/quote]

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by Leteacher Sol'e Amer »Sat Jul 21, 2012 12:21 pm

Wzup FAM ? Ppl still coming back here...

1 time for 237 hip hop.

I be the Teacher AMER -

my Words 'r the next element

predicted to bring the game to the next level.


by Young J »Mon Oct 18, 2010 1:15 pm

Big B'DA aint getting no airplay mayne . i think so . We the artist from Bamenda cameroon aint gettin no airplay from the radio and also em big screens .


by THE CORE »Sun Mar 14, 2010 11:17 pm

im just so overwhelm with ur remarks.

its touching that we are aware of the stakes

thanks for the word ORIGINALITY that i honestly think Cameroon hip hop need to hook with

we cannot make hip hop accepted by making known our barbaric habits to the public (drugs,rape,stealing,outlaw etc).

Cameroon is not the USA and the moment we figure this out its gonna be different

hip hop will never die because we don't know it...

any one who knows it should die and see... pac is gon,biggie too but US hip hop sells better....

there's something still unknown and we can make a clue with our lil camer recipe.


by spikygal »Fri Feb 26, 2010 5:40 pm


cameroun hip hop iz alyv 8)


by 41Trippa »Thu Dec 03, 2009 1:49 pm

Dayam .. don't you all realize that shitz bangin all the way round!? Every one of you need to do one thing ... stop buying and selling the same lie!! Wake UPPPP!! In no profession, business, genre, etc is everyone at the top ... wtf!!

Do you know how many cats can run, jump, d-up and shoot NBA players out tha building!! You think out of all the cats who played ball that the top ones went pro ... get a grip!! 1% of 1% or less are gonna get a whiff off those that are at the top.

Aspire to be better, succeed and raise it up where you CAN! Unify??? wtf ... this is music, entertainment ... it needs variety, contrast and the "freedom" to converge and diverge. Collaborate, work together musically as versatile and varied artists or as I think someone stated in an earlier post ... "hiphop is dead" ... just damned boring!! As a sidenote, as encompassing a definition as "hiphop" is in the hell can it ever die?! It can never die because it never was ... it's just a moment in the evolution of entertainment and you try to stick the term to anyone doing anything in this time ...!! Gawddd!!

The stage is a production and the producer/mc better be for real ... that's the position that's killin you all softly ... the MC!! On your way to hooking the MC who's got it poppin ... learn to feature others who have that one thing to bring a little fire to your production ... collaborate and pay it forward .. and expect the same. Cya!!

More power to you all making a run at it!!!


by [email protected] »Mon Oct 26, 2009 4:40 pm

shout out ta All mah real kamer Emcees


by The BlaQ Hand »Fri Sep 25, 2009 3:27 pm

It's all too easy to be negative about the state of hip hop in camer, but facts being facts camer hip hop is facing a very uncertain future. true, efforts are being made to kick start the movement but u sense there's no real motivation or determination. thus far, kamer hip hop has been sidelined and the general public seems to think its the reserve of drop outs and delinquents. Sad but true and i think the artist themselves aint doing much to alter that view.

someone mentioned originality and to me that is key. i lived in the UK for years and was fortunate to mix in with the entertainment crowd. the local black artist knew from the start that trying to duplicate the US acts just wouldnt work, the states been perfecting that ish for 30 years near and no one can do thier stuff better than them. the UK cats took thier own underground sounds "garage" and "grime" and went mainstream with it and today they are making it internationally, Dizzy Rascal, Kano, Sway ec are proof that formula works. I had a few friend trying to do that US sound and no one would invite them to shows!

South Africa did something similar, if u listen to their hip hop its got a different feel to it.

French hip hop is french hip hop, be it done in france or its former colonies, all those dudes sound and almost rap the same, only variant is the accents and message and mayb the production.

So back to Camer hip hop, we identify, francophone rap and anglophone rap. those two are already in competition with each other before even starting to compete with the mighty bikutsi (which is coming back in force), makossa and the ever present coupe decale. problem? Big problem! If camer is to stand a chance we need to come up with a camer sound. i've been breaking my head over this predicament and cant find a way thru. maybe a fusion of hip hop makossa and bikutsi? i dont knw but X Maleya hav definitely touched sth there and may in fact be pionners of that new camer sound. who knows?

another thing i noticed is that hip hop made it big in those african coutnries that did not have an internationnaly recognised genre. eg Senegal, Nigeria and SA. local hip hop is finding it hard to come thru in ivory coast cusuf Coupe, in Camer bc of Makossa and bikutsi, DRC cuzuf Ndombolo and u can run off from there.

I'm really worried for anglo rap in camer. remember cameroon has not produced an anglophone international music star since... i dnt knw.

i could go on, but by now u get the drift. get creative folks.


by ngutiboy »Thu Sep 24, 2009 10:03 pm

been following up the drift of the discussion and this sounds pretty interesting.To me,anglophone hip hop is facing a problem just because of the peoples attitude towards accepting and supporting their artistes.I think its the philosophy that has to change and artistes too should try to be original.U cant expect someone to buy your US kind of rap song when there is Lil Wayne in the market.You have to put some originality in your songs like in the hooks and slangs.Francophones succeed because the support and idolize their artistes.So lets try to impact with the kind of songs we get to the public


by iam »Sun Aug 30, 2009 10:33 pm

[quote name="naenae"]camerooun hiphop is dead man u 9guys chat shit that Cameroon hip hop is till alive 8)[/quote]

ok that ya opinion


by naenae »Sat Aug 29, 2009 7:58 pm

camerooun hiphop is dead man u 9guys chat shit that Cameroon hip hop is till alive 8)