Hymphatic Thabs or Golden shovel

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Mon Oct 10, 2005 10:34 am

[quote name="Lwaziology"]

Golden Shovel is so on point, one feels like qouting him in essays and bibliographies. I, Lwazi, have done so in my second year university english assignments and exams. I,olr rather he left my professors stunned. It's beyond Hip Hop, its education.

Makeda once said to me:"When I open my mouth to speak, I want people to feel the way I do when Golden Shovel raps."

I say:"Shovel of Optical thinks like a laser, and writes like a dream."


Trully man? Iyoo, damn man i like it, going "like Golden Shovel" instead of "like John White" or some European shit like that! The underlying idea that i like is not quoting MCs, but "African" writers! Big ups! :wink:

[quote name="Lwaziology"]

Infinity, we also lookin' out for Genocide. We've noticed how sick his intros are. [/quote]

Jeah...Genocide is also sick ntanga! Nice to see the emphasis you put on the Optical Ill.

[quote name="Genocide"]some1 tell me why kats battle for props and fame

when there's bigger battles like..kids that suffer and hunger in pain

dont get offended black, yes i'm saying your verse is wack

you carry fancy names..?{cant get that clearly}?[/quote]

[quote name="Genocide"]if your rhymes is food for thoughts man

i'd rather stay ignorant than hear your sentence flows

that appeal to faggots and hoes

sex wise, your woman fakes orgasms so you can call yourself a man


judging from the ?life? of rhymes you kick

it's gonna take your whole life span

man, get yourself a life and get a wife and keep your sex alive

so she might give a kiss to figure out my last meditated diss[/quote]

[quote name="Genocide"]from the tombs of the underground and sacrifice

to catch the day workers in a black night by suprise

is this worth lies across nations to conquer battles

push the levels of freezing beyond manhood status

rivals fall to the sound and speech caressin

bodily senses MCs quick hide all your verses

i'm sayin the spirit of rhymin dossier this here MC[/quote]
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Tue Oct 11, 2005 5:18 pm

In Hymphatics' Perfect Times, there's a track that he does with this dude... i think it's Street Pirate! I love his verse(Street Pirate)...not sure if it's really him tho, but it goes somethin like...
i make street music and hardcore be the name

a frame not predicted, it's nastradamus to blame

not some jellytots, flavour apricot

but a rushing charriot, dimensions unthinkable

with my compatriots, i learned to steal shoes with magnetic field

to gravitate a raw deal

god to use a mic is just a skill

to access a stream of thoughts and poetic ferrousity

is the only probe to penetrate galaxies in high velocity

and back to have a crunch I be the bully to hide your lunch

i got semisonic words and diss..with mini-punch

revolution emerging to crush your shaking entity
eita - yo TeeZeR? the cat you are refering to is ROBO - the technician - old school Jozi head...hes been kicking it for a minute, bust it though - he's performing at the REAKTOR ROOM (29 October 05) - if you can make it slide on down to that side...

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Tue Oct 11, 2005 7:51 pm

TeeZer! Man, thank u so much for feeling me on that Optical ish. It's much appreciated mfethu. Yeah man, we have to qoute young Africans. I'm sick of Churchill, Dylan,Shakespeare" oh , Romeo, where for art thou my Romeo" bullshit!!!! "THEY SCHOOLS CAN'T TEACH US SHIT" 4real! Peace.
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Sat Dec 10, 2005 4:42 am

Yeah last I heard Hymphatic was busy recording a nu album. NE1 know the developments...done or not? I havent even heard Golden Shovel but by those lines I've got his measure.
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Sat Dec 10, 2005 4:47 am

Argh I loev this ish! That track by Hymphatic ft Robo is "baby and" thats certified classic. I played that in a club in Cape Town and of course it got reaction form the heads. Teezer where you from?
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Wed Dec 14, 2005 3:25 pm

Haha damn man i been gone for so long i done even 4got most of da shit thats being spoken about here lol just playin damn
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Tue Nov 25, 2008 12:22 pm

I love 'em both but my pick (reluctantly) is....(drums rolling): Golden Shovel!
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Wed Aug 11, 2010 12:49 pm

Golden shovel all the way, have you actually listened to what that guy says, the metaphors he puts together? Hymphatic is alright, maybe its just me but the flow sounds a bit.. odd at times

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